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Filcom bv

Filcom bv

Filcom is one of the largest producers of calibrated sand and gravel in Europe. As a producer of filter sand and gravel, Filcom BV is a major player in this market segment. The products made through this industrial process of drying and careful sieving, find their way to customers all over the world. If required, we can even deliver the products door-to-door. Thanks to our motivated employees, many years of experience, broad expertise and extensive service, Filcom constantly responds to a variety of requirements for the most diverse applications.

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Noordhoek 7, P.O. Box 9 , Papendrecht , 3351 LD Netherlands
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Industry Type:
Water Filtration and Separation
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Thanks to our monitored production processes, our products always comply with the specifications of the customer, especially when it comes to the properties and composition of the material, the size of the grain or the toxicological and micrological aspects in the area of environment and health. Not without reason, our mission is: Going for Excellence!

Filcom has two modern production facilities in strategic locations in the Netherlands. From the Randstad area and from Limburg, we have access to the whole world, both by road and by sea. Our head office is in Papendrecht.

Following our strict selection process, raw materials are washed, dried and sieved according to fixed criteria.  After going through this automated production process, a wide variety of sand fractions becomes available. These can be delivered to you both packaged and in bulk.

Filcom's filter sand is produced in two modern factories, subject to constant laboratory checks. Filcom responds to the changing demands and requests regarding existing and new applications in a flexible and customer-friendly way. 

Filcom has a quality management system that is compliant with NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008.

Filcom provides certified sands in accordance with Assessment Directive BRL-K 240 (product certificate 'Sand and gravel for the production of drinking water' for both our location in Wessem as Papendrecht). This includes a Toxicological Aspects Certificate (ATA), issued by KIWA NV as the certifying authority.

We work with transporters who are BRL- K 15001 certified, upgrading our product certificate to ATA+, in accordance with BRL- K240. This represents the quality of the supply chain, chemicals and provision of drinking water. The KIWA process certificate for this is called KIWA ATD.

The (inter)national standards and regulations below are used as a guideline:

  • ISA-P-002.1: requirements for unbound materials: sand for sand-based artificial pitches
  • NEN-EN-ISO 12904: Materials for the treatment of water intended for human consumption – sand and gravel
  • DIN 4924: filter sand and gravel for well construction
  • Requirements of Labosport for infill for sand-based artificial pitches
  • Requirements of NBRI for infill for sand-based artificial pitches
  • ANSI/AWWA B100-09: standard for granular filter material

For many years now, Filcom has operated a strict safety policy based on a dynamic risk management system. For employees and suppliers as well as for visitors, strict safety regulations apply when entering our production locations. Personal protection equipment is mandatory during the work and is provided for visitors. In addition, every visitor will be accompanied by a Filcom employee at all times.

The documents below contain the site safety rules and the safety information sheet for our products.

Sibelco Group provides advanced industrial minerals all around the world, for a great variety of applications, including glass production, ceramic industry, sports & leisure, construction and engineering, metallurgy, foundry, oil and gas extraction and protection of the environment.

The product portfolio of the Sibelco Group forms the basis of all things that we take for granted every day. From the glazing in our houses to the mug from which we drink our coffee in the morning. Industrial minerals are an essential part of our modern lives and we take responsibility as a company to ensure that these natural resources are used in a way that is sustainable.