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Filtration Group is dedicated to generating clean air through its wide range of filtration products which lower operating costs while protecting public health and equipment performance.

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Arboretum Plaza I, 9442 Capital of Texas Hwy. N, Suite 390 , Austin , TX 78759 USA

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Every day you strive to achieve the highest level of precision, productivity and efficiency. Taking every precaution, every opportunity to maintain the utmost quality, maximize uptime and adhere to increasingly stricter regulations. Not only does every decision you make matter, but your success depends on it.

Making sure you have the right partners in place is just as crucial. Partners that strive to deliver the same quality products and hallmark level of service you do. Partners that are strategic, forward-thinking and enable you to do what you do better than ever before.

We are Filtration Group. We are the one global partner that truly understands that the success of our customers depends on responsiveness, quality of product and continuity of supply. That’s why we go to great lengths to provide consistent and seamless filtration solutions across an impressive range of business applications.

A world-leading provider, we have the experience, resources and scale to accommodate any filtration need — standard or otherwise — with the most precise, advanced and efficient solution around the globe. We offer a level of acumen and accountability no other provider can match.

Driven by a deep-rooted commitment to empower a safer, healthier and more efficient world, we began by investing in the most inspired people and technology around, and we haven’t stopped since.

Over its 65-plus year history,the company has grown from one location with 12 employees to a global manufacturer with more than 1,000 employees and 13 facilities across the globe. Filtration Group offers product lines that run the gamut from basic furnace filters for the home to biological safety filters. In recent years, Filtration Group has expanded its business by acquiring Filtrair B.V., a Netherlands-based filtration manufacturer that specializes in filters for automotive paint facilities, gas turbines, intakes and high-end HVAC installations. Overall, Filtration Group produces more than 30 million filters every year, totaling roughly 125,000 filters per day.

Filtration Group’s commitment to product excellence and innovative solutions has established it as a leader in the distribution and OEM markets. The company has strategic alliances and partnerships with many of the top filtration companies to ensure timely access to the industry’s most recent, emerging technologies.

Strong Growth: Filtration Group revenues have grown 500 percent in the last 15 years, driven by acquisitions and company growth. Filtration Group has used acquisitions to broaden product lines and incorporate new manufacturing technologies, but has also expanded its capabilities from within.

Technology: Filtration Group's fully-automated processes produce the most technologically advanced filters on the market. The company’s high-tech cleanroom in its High Purity Products division ensures that the manufacturing environment is free of particulate and molecular contamination from tampering with our sensitive production processes. Automated controls in its manufacturing facilities enable Filtration Group to perfectly meet the changing level of demand from its customers.

Capabilities: Filtration Group’s advanced capabilities enable us to deliver the highest quality products to match our customers’ needs. We produce our own media, enabling us to offer our customers complete control and flexibility of their products. Filtration Group also provides our customers with the capability to make any filter, any size, to fit their filtration needs. Our company is a regular supplier to industries with rigorous filtration needs, such as hospitals, gas turbines and automotive paint booths. Few major manufacturers have the extensive product lines and customization capabilities to serve these varied and difficult markets.

Extensive Testing: Filtration Group also puts a large emphasis on researching and testing its products to ensure performance at the highest potential and meets all ASHRAE standards. Many customers require their high efficiency filters be manufactured in an environment where variables such as humidity, temperature and particle contamination can be monitored and controlled to prevent cross-contamination.