Filtrexx International, LLC

Filtrexx International, LLC

Filtrexx is a proven green technology that can be used in over 100 applications. We use locally made, annually renewable, biobased, recycled compost and other organic materials, contained by our USA manufactured mesh containment system to create patented products used around the world. This all-natural Filtrexx system is currently in 9 countries, every US State and Province in Canada, and available to you via direct purchase on the web. Purchase empty mesh netting to fill yourself, prefilled pallets ready to install, or call us to connect you to a local certified installer. SiltSoxx applications include: sediment & erosion control, silt fence replacement, sediment control and environmental protection on Utica and Marcellus Shale exploration sites, green walls, inlets, ditches, runoff pollution control, slope protection, oil and gas exploration, bank stabilization, pipelines, green roof, storm water runoff, agriculture and more.

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61 N Cleveland Massillon Rd, Suite E , Akron , Ohio 44333 USA
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Who We Are

We are the inventors of the compost filter sock. After years of research and development, Filtrexx Soxx™ technology has expanded into stormwater management, sediment control, erosion control, pollutant removal and living walls. Our sustainable solutions, built around our proprietary Soxx™ technology, are used in diverse applications such as perimeter control, inlet protection, check dams, slope interruption, runoff diversion, sediment trap, channel protection, bank stabilization, living walls, green roofs, filtrations systems, and more. Headquartered in Akron, OH, Filtrexx has an extensive network of partners and distributors to serve customers across the globe.

What We Do

We provide design and engineering advice to utilize our patented Soxx technology. Engineered as the superior alternative to silt fence, our original Filtrexx SiltSoxx™ is the tubular mesh device used to contain composted media for a variety of erosion control and stormwater management applications. Since 2001, our Soxx portfolio has grown exponentially to cover other sediment & erosion control, pollutant removal, stormwater management, stabilization, living walls and gardening applications.

How We Do It

We collaborate closely with our customers to identify the most appropriate Soxx technology for each specific application. From selecting the proper Filtrexx Media™ — filter, alternate, growing — to identifying the most suitable Filtrexx Mesh™ — opening size, configuration type, strength, and functional longevity — each Soxx solution is carefully designed and engineered in-house by a team of experts to guarantee superior performance on the field.

Filtrexx International is the inventor and industry leader for using Soxx, or mesh containment systems, in over 100 applications. From Sustainable Site Development and Green Infrastructure Systems, to Community Gardens and Large Organic Agricultural Cropping Systems, Filtrexx International has a multidisciplinary team with decades of experience. Whether you need engineering or design services, environmental or ecosystem management assistance, farm and garden technical assistance, or testing and research, our team of industry leaders is ready to serve you.

Filtrexx International is the industry leader in research and development of organic and biobased technologies used in storm water and land improvement systems. In addition to 10 years of extensive field research, Filtrexx uses third party testing laboratories, and university and federal agency research centers to evaluate its technologies. Nearly all of Filtrexx’s research can be found in today’s leading peer-reviewed scientific research journals.

To be the world's leading provider of innovative and sustainable products and services for use in erosion and sediment control, stormwater management and low impact development to protect our soil, water and environment;  To continually engage, develop and inspire our employees to reach their fullest potential; To provide the highest level of customer service through reliability, quality and value.