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  • Pilot Study Services

    Pilot Study Services

    Filtronics “full scale” pilot units provide long term, real time field tests to collect data and document the treatability of the water source. In addition, the pilot test will verify the chemical oxidation demand, determine the chemical feed rates, electrical operating costs, and document the removal efficiencies. All tested water samples are sent to an independent laboratory for substantiation.

  • Media Core Sampling Services

    Media Core Sampling Services

    A core sample is a physical measurement of the depth of each layer of media in your system to determine media depletion, if any, resulting from ordinary backwash cycles, water chemistry, and/or water quality.

  • Media Replacement Services

    Media Replacement Services

    Filtronics offers a turnkey solution to replace exhausted media in your existing water filtration system. When it’s time, why not have peace of mind and let our team of highly trained professionals take care of the entire process.

  • Onsite Services

    Onsite Services

    Our job isn’t over once your equipment is installed. The award-winning service team at Filtronics has the training to provide expert support for all of our products. To get maximum performance from our equipment throughout its life, Filtronics recommends that our clients follow the indicated preventive or predictive maintenance schedules for their systems. We also recommend the use of originally manufactured spare parts for all Filtronics and GE...

  • Processes

  • Coagulation/Filtration Services

    Coagulation/Filtration Services

    Coagulation/filtration is a process that removes contaminants from water by precipitation. Aluminum salts and ferric (iron) salts are the two most commonly used coagulants in the water treatment industry. These salts work by hydrolyzing to form aluminum hydroxide and iron hydroxide particulates, which can then be effectively filtered out of the water supply. Because of iron’s strong affinity to arsenic (As), iron-based coagulants such as ferric...

  • Oxidation Filtration Services

    Oxidation Filtration Services

    The process of oxidation/filtration involves oxidizing soluble forms of iron and manganese to create insoluble compounds, then removing the insoluble precipitate through filtration.

  • Flocculation/Clarification Services

    Flocculation/Clarification Services

    The flocculation/clarification process is applied when there is a high degree of turbidity in the water or when solids must be separated from liquids. Flocculation/clarification is highly effective at reducing turbidity and removing color, solids and colloidal material from water and wastewater when used together with chemical feed, sludge treatment and filtration of clarified elements.

  • Adsorption Processes Services

    Adsorption Processes Services

    Adsorption is a process where contaminants break their bond with water molecules and chemically adhere to a filter media. Adsorption is a constant process where water is directed at a specific flow rate through a fixed bed of adsorption media for a period of six months to two years until exhaustion. Once exhausted, adsorptive medias need to be replaced or regenerated. The flow must be calculated to be at a rate that allows enough contact time for...

  • Dewatering Filter Presses Services

    Dewatering Filter Presses Services

    Most dewatering filter presses are sometimes called 'plate-and-frame filters,' but this term accurately describes only a certain style of filter plates in wide use during the mid- to late-1800s. Although true plate-and-frame filters are still employed today, the most commonly used system of plates in modern dewatering operations are more accurately called 'recessed chamber” and/or “diaphragm (membrane) plates.'

  • Membrane Filtration Services

    Membrane Filtration Services

    Membrane Filtration: The process of membrane filtration uses pressure to force a carrier fluid, such as water, through a semi-permeable (porous) membrane in order to separate suspended particulate matter from the fluid and soluble components. Microfiltration (MF): Considered an intermediate process between ultrafiltration and multi-media granular filtration, microfiltration is a size-exclusion, pressure-driven membrane process. It is...