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  • Fingo - Inspections Services

    Fingo - Inspections Services

    Study and analysis of operating parameters of dust and gas cleaning systems. Inspection of technical condition of devices of dust and gas cleaning and auxiliary equipment of installation. Development of technical proposals for modernization and reconstruction of devices and installations. The volume of works on modernization and reconstruction of devices and installations of a dust-gas cleaning is defined.

  • Fingo - Consultations Services

    Fingo - Consultations Services

    We offer: Training and introductory briefing on the organization and sequence of installation of gas cleaning equipment. The acceptance of buildings for installation of equipment, inspection of welds. Step-by-step acceptance of the main gas cleaning units. Check 'in the air': run-in mechanisms with the inclusion of smoke pumps, check the electrical mode, etc.

  • Fingo - Agreements Services

    Fingo - Agreements Services

    The service includes: Quick response. Identification and correction of defects. Long-term service agreements. Supply of spare parts. Reconstruction and modernization.

  • Fingo - Expertise Services

    Fingo - Expertise Services

    Assembly and installation of main nodes. Assembly of elements of technical system of protection of atmospheric air. Test run.