We are one of the world`s most experienced sustainability management consulting firms. Our goal is to help you understand sustainability, improve your performance and succeed in the marketplace. We have developed best practices, techniques, tools and processes that help well-respected firms achieve leadership in sustainability. We would be pleased to help you succeed as well.

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Consulting firm
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Globally (various continents)
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1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

Welcome to Five Winds International, a leading management consulting firm that works with organizations to improve the financial, environmental and social performance—the SUSTAINABILITY—of their projects, products and services.

Five Winds is a creative team of dedicated professionals who deliver great ideas with principles and passion.

We have over a decade of experience helping organizations realize business value with our proven strategies and tools. Our understanding of business processes and our in-depth knowledge of sustainable business practices have enabled us to offer unparalleled expertise and guidance to our clients. From initial strategy development through plan implementation and goal realization, Five Winds is your partner on the sustainability journey.

Five Winds International was founded in 1998 on the knowledge that when you understand the forces shaping your business, you can harness them and use them to your significant advantage.

Since then, we have grown from a small environmental-management consultancy to a multidisciplinary firm serving clients across the globe.

We specialize in helping organizations pursue their goals through informed strategic decisions that consider a range of sustainability, operational and competitive factors.

What makes us different is our 'big picture' focus. We examine the objectives you have set and the landmarks you have chosen to determine your progress. We take a close look at how your organization makes decisions. Out of that understanding, we develop sustainable approaches that work for you as tools for achieving success.

We appreciate that sustainability, like competitiveness, is not a fixed goal; it is an ongoing endeavour, a journey that can lead to a wealth of new opportunities. Our aim is to help organizations access those opportunities and strive for what we call 'value without burden.'

Mission Statement
All individuals and all organizations can be more sustainable. Our mission is to be recognized by our customers and employees for our ability to help them on this journey.

Core Values
Five Winds International is committed to sustainable development; we will contribute positively to environmental, social and economic development both locally and globally.

Five Winds International is a learning organization that values personal and professional development.

Five Winds International is committed to making a difference in our business. We will work with people and organizations that are genuinely committed to real progress with respect to sustainable development.

Five Winds International is committed to operating with high standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity, and to ensuring that we satisfy our clients' needs by providing value-added services.

Five Winds International's offices will strive to continuously improve the material and energy efficiencies of their operations. This may be achieved through a variety of means such as travel reduction; local purchasing; energy-efficient appliances, windows and lighting, etc.; purchase of alternate fuels for vehicles; greater reliance on public transit; and optimization of paper use, reuse and recycling.

Five Winds will adhere to its sustainable purchasing policy and guidelines for all of its offices. Progress will be reviewed and reported on annually. The company will also continue to work with its suppliers to raise awareness of the business benefits that can derive from improving environmental performance.

Five Winds will continue to work with its clients and suppliers to ensure its workshops, meetings and conferences are conducted in an eco-efficient manner.

Five Winds will provide support to its employees so that they can participate in local environmental organizations to help improve the environmental quality of the communities in which they work and live, and to participate in sustainability education activities.

Read more about our environmental programs and initiatives:

We will provide our employees with four (4) hours of paid time per month to participate as volunteers in organizations that contribute to the social fabric of the communities in which we operate.

We will provide training and education to our employees on social responsibility issues.

Each year, we will provide the equivalent of a half person-day per employee to a country or region that could not normally afford our services. This activity will be aimed at helping these areas of the world improve the environmental, social and economic performance of their industries and governments.

We will develop linkages with training / educational institutes in a variety of countries and provide them with materials to support their industries to shift toward more sustainable forms of production.

We will strive to create a work environment in which accomplishments are recognized, constructive criticism is encouraged, problems are addressed quickly, and the open exchange of ideas is fostered.

We recognize that our employees have different social and home situations, which we will accommodate through the provision of flexible working hours and opportunities to work at home as appropriate, and to take summers off, if desired. The terms of these arrangements will be agreed to as part of contract negotiations and will take into consideration client and business needs.

Read more about our social programs and initiatives:

We will provide fair compensation to our employees and provide them with opportunities to participate in, and profit from, the growth of the company.

We will deliver value to customers.

We will strive to operate the company as if it were a public company, including associated reporting requirements.

We are a for-profit business and, as such, we will strive to operate efficiently and economically. Profitability allows us to better execute our sustainability activities.

At Five Winds International, what we do for our clients can be summed up in three words: Understand, Improve and Succeed.

Using proven market analysis and benchmarking tools, stakeholder engagement techniques and focused strategy sessions, we help you understand your sustainability performance and the expectations of your customers and key stakeholders. We use this information to help you select the right strategy and implementation plan for your organization and markets.

We help you improve by aligning your management and data collection systems, business processes and performance measures to deliver on your strategy and plan. We have deep experience in developing integrated management systems that ensure your entire organization knows its roles and responsibilities. We also have a wide range of well-tested tools and processes that help you integrate sustainability into key activities such as supply chain management, procurement, product development, operations, capital expenditures, sales and marketing.

We then help you succeed by supporting you in measuring, communicating and reporting your performance to the people who need to know. We know how to ensure your information is credible and based on the best available tools and standards, with the right level of engagement. Whether it is corporate-level branding and reporting, or detailed product performance information, we can help you take your sustainability message to the markets in ways that will result in clear business benefits.