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FleckSystems is a site dedicated to Fleck systems, Fleck valves, Fleck parts, and all things Fleck related, including Pentair (structural) tanks, Autotrol valves and parts, and Magnum valves and parts. Fleck FleckSystems.com is owned by US Water Systems, Inc. and is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have over a dozen certified water specialists on staff and supply solutions for Fleck products, from parts to valves and complete systems. Fleck Controls makes water softener and backwashing filter control valves. Fleck Controls used be called L.W. FLECKENSTEIN, INC. and people would say often they had a “Fleckenstein valve.” They are now called “Fleck Controls” and are owned by Pentair Water, a world conglomerate of water-related companies. Fleck makes a large number of control valves for residential and commercial water softeners and backwashing filters, and have been a world leader in this technology for over 50 years.

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation
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There is no such thing as a “Fleck Water Softener” or “Fleck Backwashing Filter.” Fleck Controls only makes the control valve on the top of the unit. This site exists for the purpose of helping customers who want a Fleck Valve on their water softener or backwashing filter, or need to purchase a Fleck valve or Fleck parts.

FleckSystems.com, is owned and operated by US Water Systems and we sell Fleck Parts, Fleck Softeners, Fleck Backwashing Filters, and also sell the Fleck Replacement Valves.