FLeXstorm Inlet

FLeXstorm Inlet

FLeXstorm Inlet

The FLEXSTORM PURE system is the preferred Catch Basin Insert for permanent inlet protection and storm water runoff control. Constructed of versatile stainless steel, FLEXSTORM PURE Catch Basin Inserts will fit any drainage structure and are available with site-specific filter bags providing various levels of filtration. Whether you’re the specifier or the user, it’s clear to see how FLEXSTORM PURE Catch Basin inserts outperform the competition.

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24137 W. 111th St - Unit A , Naperville , Illinois 60564 USA
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Water Filtration and Separation
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Nationally (across the country)

About Inlet & Pipe Protection, Inc.

Our team is comprised of veterans from the sewer & water industry along with experts in manufacturing, metal fabrication, and engineering.  Our experience has enabled us to develop the most cost effective and robust Inlet Protection available.  And our understanding of core municipal and construction requirements has positioned us to offer value added services worth the investment.

Inlet & Pipe Protection, Inc (IPP) has been producing the IDOT approved Inlet Filter since 2003.  The IPP Inlet Filter is comprised of a rigid steel frame supporting a suspended sediment bag, which filters the storm water runoff below grade through a geotextile fabric with a typical flow rate of 145 gpm.  Many municipalities throughout the Midwest have recognized this design as an acceptable structural BMP for inlet protection and have made it a standard for Erosion and Sediment Control plans.  Inlet Filters are preferred by most engineers because of their durability, sediment bag capacity, ease of installation/maintenance, and important overflow benefits, which prevent hazardous ponding, road icing, and jobsite erosion.

About IPP FLeXstorm Inlet Filters

IPP has continually improved the Inlet Filter design platform and made a substantial investment in proprietary tooling of the FLeXstorm system.  We have created the first configurable, adjustable Inlet Filter suspension system.  This configurable system will replace the welded framework on the current IPP Inlet Filters and offer more versatility to fit the wide array of drainage structures throughout the Midwest and the United States.

The FLeXstorm Inlet Filter System will allow users to make adjustments as needed in the field.  Once a job is complete, the re-usable filter frame system can be carried to the next jobsite equipped with a new sediment bag using only a screwdriver.  Users may also break down the components and re-assemble into a completely different model by ordering new or modifying the existing channel lengths.  All structural steel components are corrosion resistant (zinc plated) and stamped with the FLeXstorm part numbers and hole locations.  Our goal is to make FLeXstorm Inlet Filters a universally accepted design standard for inlet protection; capable of fitting any drainage structure throughout the United States while providing the maximum inlet protection against construction site runoff.  The FLeXstorm Inlet Filter System also offers sediment bags with clog resistant Woven Monofilatment geotextiles for high silt jobsites, and oil absorption and hydrocarbon removal booms for parking lots and loading ramps.