F.lli Giacomello s.n.c.

F.lli Giacomello s.n.c.

The F.lli Giacomello snc was founded in 1985 as a family company, with the idea of being able to offer quality and originality to the market indicator levels. Its production begins with the observation of what is on the market, with the aim of reaching customize what already exists and patented some of its peak levels. The news that leads the market with regard to flexibility and employment solutions are significant, from its `Rapid Level`, to reach levels of visual range `Top Level`. Thanks to the determination to reach the highest levels of specialization in the area of level gauges, the company is successful, cooperating with Italian and international companies are among the most famed in the market, to form his personal net sales worldwide.

Company details

Via Magenta 77 cap 15/A , Rho (MI) , 20017 Italy

Locations Served

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Monitoring and Testing - Water Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

The strength of F.lli Giacomello snc has always been a unique relationship with the customer. Customize and develop together the level suitable for every need and every condition of employment.

While still conscious of what we can do to improve and consolidate its position in view of the control of liquids, F.lli Giacomello is now a reality strong and able to meet any requirement made by his interlocutors, be they consumers or corporations. Quality, experience, reliability and value for money have always been our strengths.  Modular levels can give flexibility in stock levels that can be modified by the same score, Unique levels.