Flood Defense Group LLC

Flood Defense Group LLC

Flood Defense Group LLC is comprised of a group of flood defense experts with over 50 years of combined flood fighting experience who understand the problems associated with flood mitigation, flood defense, and flood recovery. We believe that temperatures are getting warmer and have seen the growing frequency and severity of flood events. These problems only seem to be getting worse and if you live in a region that floods, doing nothing is rarely an acceptable option. We also understand that, in the face of floodwaters, the provision and construction flood protection barriers and other flood proofing operations has to happen quickly. It is these constants that our mission statement is based on. The Flood Defense Group have gone to great effort in strategic stocking of a variety of flood control products in known flood zones throughout North America.

Company details

3177 N24th St , Boise , Idaho 83702 USA
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Industry Type:
Environmental - Emergency Response
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)


Flood Defense Group will provide the largest variety of flood defense materials strategically stocked throughout North America with the ability to mobilize manpower and/or materials to a flood event within hours.

What can we provide?

  • The largest variety of flood defense materials on the market
  • The largest network of strategic stockpiles
  • Products tested and approved by the USACE
  • Products for a variety of working surfaces and price points
  • Pre-deployment training
  • Project support
  • Turnkey solutions