Floodlit (Prosperity) was established in 1979 as a producer of bare copper wires, tinned copper wires for PVC wire manufacturers. To meet the increasing demand in the market as a product for the rapidly growing economy in Taiwan, an expand plant was acquired in Shulin City, in 1984 the operations went on. It was then that Taiwan’s electronic industry had its promising future and to diversify the operations, after bare copper wires and tinned copper wires, new investment was made for development and technologies for Litz (Twist) wire & Tinned copper wires with successful response. We also introduced new technologies and facilities for production of coated wires for transformers manufacturers. Our whole work force went on making major efforts in upgrading the quality of those bare copper wires, Tinned copper wires, Tinned & Twist wires, Twist & Tinned wires, magnet sires USTC electrode wires and intertexture wires to meet the demand of the customers by making them slim and compact.

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)