Flow Control Applications S.L (FCA)

Flow Control Applications S.L (FCA)

Flow Control Applications S.L (FCA)

FCA, as a manufacturer of special valves, avails of a wide range of valves for the oil sector, providing great coverage for the needs of both offshore and onshore rigs. Our experience with corrosive fluids and environments means that FCA valves are adequate for offshore extraction plants. FCA is capable of proposing design improvements that extend the useful life of the valves that operate in acid services, with high H2S content. FCA has supplied several solutions to a wellknown copper mine owner. This case study shows the first mining project where water needs are supplied through a pipeline that transports water from sea to mine site located in a desert area. FCA keeps on increasing its customer’s satisfaction around the world.

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. Pol. Apatta-Erreka, C/ Erroizpe, 5 - Nave 8 , Ibarra (Guipúzcoa) , 20400 Spain
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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)

Due to the corrosive nature of the transported fluid, FCA has had to customize its solutions choosing the appropriate materials and ensure a long life and maintenance free process. The success of this revolutionary mine site concept will bring to FCA new business possibilities in the future, due to the good performance shown by its technological solutions.

FCA VCH Fixed Cone discharge valves working at Hydro Electrical power stations

FCA VCH Fixed Cone discharge valves are generally used as a control and isolation valve on the discharge area at the bottom of dams. They offer an effective solution for flow control and energy dispersion.

FCA design concept guarantees an optimal hydraulic behaviour providing stability and lack of vibrations and cavitation without interfering with the opening level. This design makes that the conditions for energy dispersion are most appropriate providing a symmetric flow.

The valve expels a high speed water jet in the shape of a hollow cone. When the water comes in contact with the air, it is pulverized and an intense dispersion of the kinetic energy takes place. Worldwide Main End Users have trusted FCA robust solutions for this kind of Hydro Electrical power stations.


Our knowledge in water treatment processes and its particular needs allows FCA to be a potential partner for each water treatment project.

The good execution of this project will support FCA increasing its reference list and ensuring brand new future projects.