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With over 68 years of experience in the Well Drilling business, FlowSleeve Manufacturing of Flow Sleeve.

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2425 Golden Hill Rd. Suite 106, Box 110 , Paso Robles , California 93446 USA

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Soil and Groundwater
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It Just Works.

There are no gimmics or frills with FlowSleeve. If you want to protect your water pump from overheating, extend its life, and save yourself a truckload, get yourself a FlowSleeve.

What is FlowSleeve?
Meet Rex Awalt the inventor of FlowSleeve and Discover how this revolutionary product came to be.

Why FlowSleeve?

It started with an on-the-job need, which led to a napkin sketch, which led to the only product of it's kind. Here's why you'll want a FlowSleeve.

Saves Time and Money
The FlowSleeve 4 piece kit saves time and money by protecting your pump investment.

Why FlowSleeve
Installing FlowSleeve takes less than 15 minutes and will help protect your motor from overheating by keeping it cooler.

You Need FlowSleeve if...

If these scenarios sound familiar, that means FlowSleeve is perfect for you

Large Well Diameter
Well Diameter is too large to meet the flow requirements of velocity past the motor.

Rock Well
Pump is set in a rock well or below the well casting.

Pump Below Screen
Pump set below perforation or screen.

Top Feeding
The well is top feeding or cascading down the hole

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. FlowSleeve is a simple concept that solves big problems.

  1. Rubber grommet attaches around the discharge pipe and protects the submersible cable .
  2. Grommet has a second knockout that can accommodate a safety rope or cable if needed
  3. Top halves are constructed of NSF approved materials that are glass filled polypropylene strong and corrosion resistant
  4. All hardware supplied with FlowSleeve are either 416 stainless style or 316 stainless steel
  5. The sleeve pipe is standard 4 inch IPS PVC pipe class 100 or 125 PSI rated and is customer supplied (not shown)
  6. Centralizer bottom is made from the same materials as the top and the design centers the motor in the sleeve to keep it from touching the sides of the motor and causing a hot spot