FLOWatch is dedicated to providing next generation enterprise data management solutions. FLOWatch is a minority owned small business company that combines expertise in water operations, environmental and process engineering, and software development to create environmental centric data management solutions. FLOWatch`s patented technology is proven and award-winning. Our mission is to develop forward-thinking, scalable and affordable solutions and services for environmental professionals.

Company details

333 E. Lancaster Ave., Suite 402 , Wynnewood , PA 19096 USA

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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

FLOWatch is a next generation data management system focused primarily on the water utility and environmental fields. Leveraging our extensive water utility and IT expertise, with over 100 years of combined experience, we offer our clients cutting edge, truly flexible and affordable solutions.

In fields where data collection is often unreliable and integration has until now required costly customization, FLOWatch offers a fundamentally new approach to data. We provide a web-based, back-end neutral data-management solution, giving control over data definition and access directly to plant managers and operators.

FLOWatch® customers and partners recognize that poorly organized data is a major contributor to sub-optimal water and environmental operations. We resolve these difficulties by means of progressive data management and analysis. With the help of FLOWatch, managers can review and report on operations data in the context of other processes. Operators can see the near-real-time results of process changes. Compliance staff can produce (or even automate) reports in a fraction of the time it takes to assemble them by hand, drastically reducing costs and without compromising security or data integrity.

  • FLOWatch is excited to be a part of the 2014 NJ AWWA Conference. Visit Booth #105 and sign up for a FLOWatch OMNI demonstration for a chance to win an Android 7' Black Tablet.
  • FLOWatch participated and held a booth in the 2013 Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE13) organized by AWWA.
  • FLOWatch convened a session at the 2012 American Water Summit in Chicago, IL.
  • FLOWatch participated in the 2012 Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Annual Conference in Austin, TX.
  • FLOWatch products are in use in Europe, Asia and North America.
  • Expanded functionality including workflow and scheduling now available in FLOWatch products.
  • FLOWatch OMNI focused on Asset Monitoring and Maintenance Management now available.

FLOWatch® is an environmental, information management, customer-centric products and services company that has leveraged over 100 years of combined experience to provide end user data management solutions that meet the changing and evolving needs of the utilities and manufacturing industries. Our target market realizes that poorly organized data is a major contributor to sub-optimal water and environmental operations. FLOWatch provides a unique industry solution meeting the need for progressive data management and evolving regulatory reporting requirements.

The FLOWatch® Team is comprised of highly-accomplished environmental professionals, software development specialists, and business experts dedicated to developing and providing affordable operational data management solutions and services for environmental process management.

What We Offer

State of the art cloud based data management solutions focused on operations, asset management, compliance and performance tracking. Our application empowers operators and organizations in taking control of their data.

How We Are Different

Our unique platform was designed with support and feedback from operators looking to break down the technical and functional silos they were facing when operating their systems. The end result is a user configurable, technology agnostic solution which drives reliability and efficiency across the organization.

Why Choose Us

Speed up accurate compliance and oversight reporting by up to 90%. Save thousands of dollars in unnecessary penalties or late charges. Have complete awareness of your plant performance from any device, any place and anytime.