FLS Energy is a full service solar energy provider that owns and operates a portfolio of solar energy assets throughout the U.S. Our development team takes a project from conception to commissioning and offers complete in-house system design, engineering, construction, financing and turnkey project development. FLS Energy’s mission is to make solar mainstream. We are committed to building a scalable and sustainable business model that values the contributions of each of our employees while remaining good stewards of the world in which we live.

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130 Roberts Street , Asheville , North Carolina NC 28801 USA

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Engineering service provider
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Energy - Solar Power
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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FLS Energy is a solar energy generation company. Our mission is to make solar mainstream.

FLS Energy was incorporated when the three original founders came together to create a company that would make a real difference in energy consumption by making clean energy accessible to more consumers. They brought together energy, design, construction, and financing experts to create a hands-on company committed to our core values of integrity, craftsmanship, professionalism, and service.

Today, FLS Energy is a leading solar energy company with an expansive work force that reaches across the nation. By developing a professional team that combines a history of solar consulting services and a long standing track record of award winning solar photovoltaic and solar hot water system installations, FLS Energy has the experience and resources to take on projects of any scale, helping our nation transition to a clean energy economy, one solar panel at a time.


We are committed to making the world a better place. Our mission is to establish solar as a mainstream source of energy.

Our core values of integrity, craftsmanship, professionalism, and service are the principles that guide us through our day-to-day operations as we pursue our commitment and mission.

  • Integrity - Our relationship with our clients, community, and the world we live in is based on integrity. We strive to be responsible stewards of both the environment and our community as a whole. We are motivated not only by creating a successful business, but also by ensuring that our business has a positive impact on the world.
  • Craftsmanship - When a job is completed and we look back on the process, our goal is to take pride in work that was done to the highest standards possible. Our work is an indicator of our commitment to what we believe in, and a client’s satisfaction is our reward.
  • Professionalism - FLS Energy’s success is rooted in a well-trained, qualified, and professional work force. Our installation teams are respectful, clean, well organized and passionate about what they do.
  • Service - Our job is complete only when our clients are completely satisfied. We go the extra mile to ensure that every single customer views their experience with FLS Energy as valuable and worthwhile.


FLS Energy develops, finances, and operates renewable energy solutions that help our clients reduce their energy costs and increase environmental performance with no capital expenditure.

The most experienced solar thermal design-build company in the U.S., FLS Energy has developed systems that produce 1,000 to more than 100,000 gallons of hot water per day. FLS Energy’s agribusiness solutions include solar hot water, solar photovoltaic, and hybrid systems that integrate additional renewable energy technologies to meet our clients’ demand for steam, hot water and electricity. FLS Energy’s unique expertise, experience and strategic partnerships enable us to develop renewable energy solutions that can increase your company’s triple bottom line and meet your financial requirements.


FLS Energy is the leader in designing and installing solar energy systems for the hospitality industry. Installing a solar energy system at your hotel will not only reduce your hotel’s operations costs, but it will also appeal to the conscious consumer of today’s market. Our design team will work with you to create a state-of-the-art active solar energy system that meets both your functional and aesthetic needs. Whether it is a retrofit of an existing hotel, or design for a new structure, FLS Energy has experience in hotel-scale solar energy systems of every kind.

FLS Energy is proud to have engineered and installed a solar thermal system for the only LEED Platinum Certified hotel in the country, the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, NC. We are also honored to have designed and installed a solar thermal system for the Hilton Asheville, the first Hilton hotel to be LEED registered. More information on these projects and other examples of our hotel projects as shown to the right.

Depending upon your hotel’s location, FLS Energy can offer project funding through our Solar Energy Purchase Agreement (SEPA). A SEPA enables the hospitality industry to access solar energy for their facilities with low up-front or no up-front cost and immediately reduce their energy costs by 10%- 50%. Read more about our solar energy project funding here.


Military Bases
A solar energy system designed and developed by FLS Energy is an excellent way to incorporate renewable energy into a military base’s everyday energy needs. Our solar electric and solar thermal systems can provide immediate savings and help meet renewable energy goals. From base dining facilities and housing to laundry facilities and swimming pools, FLS Energy has experience in providing solar energy to our country’s military bases.

Military Family Housing
FLS Energy can provide state-of-the art solar thermal systems that can be integrated into either existing or new family housing units. These systems can provide immediate savings and meet long-term renewable energy goals. Depending on base location, FLS Energy can provide funding for these systems using our unique Solar Energy Purchase Agreement.

Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) 2007
EISA 2007’s mandate for solar hot water is gaining momentum as nearly every new project with hot water demand is requiring solar thermal systems. Per EISA 2007, 30% of the hot water demand of a new Federal building or major renovation must be provided by solar. For projects such as barracks, housing, lodging, dining facilities, and fitness centers, this requirement is driving the need for solar hot water systems. FLS Energy is a leader in designing and installing systems for all the key solar hot water applications for the Military. As new projects are released, FLS Energy is ready to partner with military contractors to address this requirement. To learn more about how to size solar hot water applications for the military, CLICK HERE.

What Advantages Does Solar Thermal From FLS Energy Offer For Military Applications?
US Military and VA facilities across the country are challenged with the need to address Federal energy mandates. FLS Energy recognizes that the goals of reducing energy intensity on an MBTU/Sq ft basis and increasing the use of renewable energy are impacted by limited funding, lengthy budget cycles, and limited maintenance resources. In this environment, Energy Managers must carefully prioritize their renewable energy investment dollars to achieve maximum impact per dollar. If you would like help with sizing and estimating solar hot water solutions, check out FLS Energy’s Solar Thermal Applications Brief at this link.

Institutions and Non-Profits

Government entities and non-profits have some of the best opportunities available for solar energy systems because they typically consume high amounts of hot water and electricity. Schools, hospitals, universities, municipalities, camps and non-profit community centers are just a few examples that have some of the best potential for incorporating a solar energy system into their daily operations.

FLS Energy designs and installs solar energy systems that will immediately begin cutting your organization’s costs. We can also work with your facility managers to find new energy effi¬ciency opportunities, assuring that every energy dollar is conserved.

In addition to cost savings, incorporating solar energy into your organization creates high community visibility, recognition, and support. A solar energy system offers significant educational opportunities for visitors and it can be a model for the community. FLS Energy can assist you in planning and designing the educational components of your system.

Along with exploring our Solar Energy Purchase Agreement for funding, we enable institutional business and non-profit managers take advantage of state and federal tax incentives as well as opportunities to sell renewable energy back to the utility companies.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

FLS Energy has a commitment to finding solar energy solutions for commercial and industrial applications. FLS Energy can develop and provide solar energy systems that will cut daily operations costs and make your facility a leader in the field of creating homegrown, renewable energy. FLS Energy‘s design team will create state-of-the-art active solar energy systems that meet both your functional and aesthetic needs.

FLS Energy is a leader in new solar energy technology applications. Whether your system requires production of 1000 gallons of hot water a day of 200,000 gallons of hot water a day, we will use the best most cost effective technology available for your solar thermal system.

Builders and Architects

FLS Energy‘s award winning solar energy systems designers and engineers work with your team to create state-of-the-art active solar energy systems that meet both your functional and aesthetic needs.

We can design and proportion our systems to conform perfectly to the roof dimensions and overall architecture, and offer a variety of mounting options. Early consultation for any project is highly recommended, ensuring the highest viability for an optimal system. All of designs can be exported in .dwg format for inclusion into your plan drawings.

FLS Energy has a record of successful relationships with builders and architects. As a member of the Green Building Council, FLS Energy takes great pride in contributing to the greening of our nation’s building industry. Please visit our links page for builder and architect references, as well as our portfolio page for examples of our solar energy systems.