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  • Anaerobic Treatment

    Anaerobic Treatment

    Biogas is produced through anaerobic degradation of organic material and constitutes a renewable and CO2-neutral energy source. Substrates for biogas production can be sewage sludge, manure, waste and wastewater from households and industry as well as agricultural waste and crops.

  • Research & Development

  • Bench Scale Tests For Full-Scale Wastewater Treatment

    Bench Scale Tests For Full-Scale Wastewater Treatment

    Full-scale wastewater treatment processes can be simulated in the laboratory in bench scale bioreactors. Our laboratory testing facilitates the optimization of the process design as well as testing treatment feasibility or troubleshooting various aspects of the biological process.

  • Pilot Tests For Wastewater Treatment

    Pilot Tests For Wastewater Treatment

    Pilot tests become especially important to the performance of the final design when sludge separation is critical or when the wastewater composition fluctuates.

  • Microscopy For Biological Wastewater Treatment

    Microscopy For Biological Wastewater Treatment

    Visualization: The microscope is an amazing tool that, with light, lenses and some filters, gives us a peak into the microscopic world. It is possible to identify bacteria, thanks to this instrument, and this gives us an opportunity to diagnose troubling processes.

  • Accredited Lab

  • Inhibition Tests

    Inhibition Tests

    Acute effects: An inhibition assay evaluates the effect of different concentrations of a contaminant or a complex wastewater on the bacteria that are responsible for the wastewater treatment.

  • Biodegradation Tests

    Biodegradation Tests

    The degradability of a compound or a wastewater can in our laboratory be decided with several different standardized and accredited methods.

  • Analyses For Advanced Wastewater Treatment

    Analyses For Advanced Wastewater Treatment

    A necessity for advanced wastewater treatment. Whether you are monitoring laboratory tests, pilot tests or a full-scale plant, there is a need for chemical analyses. With these methods it is possible to monitor the results of the ongoing biological processes in your municipal wastewater treatment plant or industrial wastewater treatment plant.

  • Start Up & Commissioning

    Start Up & Commissioning

    In a MBBR delivery package, commissioning and start-up assistance could be included. These stages take place after installation of aerators and effluent screens are finished. Our experienced personnel can provide guidance and assist in aeration pipe installation in order to provide optimal mixing of carriers and oxygen. A MBBR reactor is normally equipped with oxygen, temperature, level and pH sensors. During the commissioning, the instruments are...

  • Anoxservices


    AnoxKaldnes provides a comprehensive set of tools and services to develop, optimize and troubleshoot biological treatment processes. The core is a deep knowledge of microbiological degradation processes, quality assured testing and analysis, as well as many years of experience in the biological treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater and biogas processes.

  • Continuous Bench-scale Simulations

    Continuous Bench-scale Simulations

    With AnoxKaldnes bench-scale simulations, tailor-made processes can be developed for complex wastewaters. Our long and wide experience from bench-scale testing gives us an advantage in operation and evaluation of the tests. Although, our tests are made on a routinely basis, every test is unique with different questions to answer. The focus on each test is the client’s needs.

Services by Calgon Carbon Corporation

  • Emergency Response Services

    Emergency Response Services

    Emergency Response Services; When clients need our services quickly, Calgon Carbon delivers-offering a wide variety of equipment, activated carbon, specialty products, and field personnel for rapid response applications. Suitably sized treatment equipment and appropriate media can be quickly dispatched from well-maintained inventories to application sites. Regional field personnel can supervise equipment installation and provide operator training....

  • Field Services

    Field Services

    Calgon Carbon's expertise and experience are exceptional. We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients to keep treatment processes performing their best, no matter what the size - from single 55-gallon purification vessels to fully integrated vapor- and liquid-phase purification systems.

  • Equipment Services

    Equipment Services

    Calgon Carbon maintains an inventory of liquid phase and vapor phase treatment available for long-term or short-term treatment projects. These systems range in size from 55-gallon drums to 10-foot diameter vessels and can be selected to meet the needs of the application. When the project is completed, the equipment can be returned to Calgon Carbon where it can be refurbished for reuse. The equipment can also be purchased if preferred.

  • Transportation Services

    Transportation Services

    Calgon Carbon offers bulk-activated carbon deliveries and spent carbon returns through our private fleet of 85 trailers, capable of transporting both RCRA hazardous and non-hazardous material. Calgon Carbon will arrange transportation for smaller volumes of activated carbon in DOT approved containers and small returnable equipment through a network of less-than-truckload carriers. Clients may arrange their own transportation if they prefer.

  • Reactivation Services

    Reactivation Services

    In lieu of spent carbon disposal - which can be costly and carry long-term liabilities - Calgon Carbon offers a much better alternative; reactivation services. Spent carbon can be returned to Calgon Carbon for thermal reactivation and be recycled for the same or similar applications. The reactivated carbon can be directly returned to the client, or replacement virgin can be substituted, if needed.

  • Field Tests and Pilot Trials Services

    Field Tests and Pilot Trials Services

    Pilot trials and field tests can be critical to the decision-making process for our clients. At Calgon Carbon, we offer equipment and experienced technical personnel to conduct pilot scale trials at customer sites utilizing the actual liquids or vapors that are to be generated. From these trials, treatment effectiveness can be evaluated and appropriate full-scale system design can be developed. Alternatively, we can also develop field trial protocols...

  • Technical Services

    Technical Services

    Application Engineering; Calgon Carbon employs regional and corporate Application Engineers throughout the world to optimize the treatment process for our clients applications and to assist in a number of areas: Selection of the most appropriate products and equipment for the application. Troubleshoot potential problem areas. Ensure the treatment process is operated in the most efficient manner.

  • Ultraviolet Light Services

    Ultraviolet Light Services

    At Calgon Carbon, we offer some of the most comprehensive UV services in the industry - a diverse range of services that will assure your treatment system operates at maximum efficiency, without interruptions.

Services by Environmental Dynamics International (EDI)

  • Aftermarket Services

    Aftermarket Services

    Aeration WorksTM provides factory qualified experienced infrastructure support teams to provide single-source responsibility for installation, refurbishment, long-term preventative maintenance, & subcontracted services. Partnerships with design build contractors for major projects are also managed through Aeration WorksTM. Aeration...

  • Lagoon Solutions

    Lagoon Solutions

    We continue to be the technology leader in Lagoon Treatment by perfecting and adding to the patented ‘Lagoon Solutions’ technology we first implemented in 1975. Today, EDI has the widest selection of lagoon processes and equipment compared to any other manufacturer in the industry with Seven (7) processes, four (4) methods of aeration distribution, over 150 combinations of aeration technology, and a wide selection of options and...

  • Industrial Aeration Solutions

    Industrial Aeration Solutions

    EDI’s Industrial Aeration Solutions™ division has been a major global vendor of industrial wastewater aeration systems since 1975. We have designed, installed, and serviced aeration systems for Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage (Beef, Pork, Poultry, Dairy), Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petroleum, and Oil & Gas; among many other industries. EDI is a full-service organization and offers field services for equipment installation...

  • Innovative Technology Solutions

    Innovative Technology Solutions

    EDI continues to add new products and technologies through its Innovative Technology Series. In recent years EDI has added the “BABTM BIG BUBBLE MIXERS with Advanced Geyser Technology”, “OMICRONTM Effluent Polishing Filter”, “INFINITETM Oxidation-Ditch for Tuned-Loop Bioreactors”,...

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    EDI supports wastewater treatment services globally. EDI's engineered systems division will handle your aeration system needs with superior customer service

Services by JWC Environmental

  • JWC - Grinders and Screens Solutions

    JWC - Grinders and Screens Solutions

    Our expert JWC Service Solutions team is there to keep all of your JWC Environmental equipment running at peak performance.  This team of professionals is specially trained to help you get the most out of your equipment and extend the life of your investments. System start-ups, upgrading equipment to the latest technology, on-site screen  rebuilds, as well as a simple replacement part for your Muffin Monster – all these and more are...

Services by Rodney Hunt Company - VAG Valve and Gate Group

  • Rodney Hunt - Field Inspection

    Rodney Hunt - Field Inspection

    Our experienced team of field service professionals is available to visit your site to inspect and evaluate all brands of gates, electric and manual operators, hydraulic systems, and controls. Sometimes we can solve problems over the phone, diagnosing worn or damaged components, and working out contingencies if a solution cannot be implemented immediately.

  • Gate Repair

    Gate Repair

    Rodney Hunt provides complete in-house machining, welding, casting, blasting, painting, and testing services. Our extensive database of projects enables us to re-manufacture high quality replacement parts for rebuilding existing equipment. Specifically, we can access original drawings and installation records dating back to the 1930s for Rodney Hunt products.

  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

    We offer factory original replacement parts for all of our gate products. Our comprehensive records provide us with access to the original Rodney Hunt shop drawings, enabling us to create an accurate like-for-like reconstruction

Services by Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing, Inc.

  • Repair Services

    Repair Services

    Powell Service Technicians are easily accessible and available to support customers with specialized assistance should problems occur.

  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance

    24/7 Emergency Assistance

    Powell engineers or technicians are available 24/7 to provide emergency consultation or troubleshooting advice. To reach an engineer or technician for emergency assistance, call the Powell business phone number — 888.800.2310 (Toll Free) or 989.681.2158 (Local/Outside of US). During regular business hours, the phone is answered by an attendant who directs the call. After 15 minutes, a consultation rate will apply.

Services by Enduro Composites

  • Field Services

  • Concrete Coatings Services

    Concrete Coatings Services

    Concrete coatings protect new concrete or repairs damaged concrete caused by leaks, spills, and other chemical related problems. Enduro supplies and installs reinforced and non-reinforced concrete toppings, coatings or linings. Our field services personnel provide site inspection and assessments to offer a solution for floors, walls, dikes, sumps, pits, drains, manholes, pump bases and more. We use premium grade resins geared specifically for your...

  • Safety Compliance Services

    Safety Compliance Services

    Enduro field service crews have a very impressive safety record, constantly striving to and succeeding in surpassing industry standards. We understand that safety is important to our customers so we make safety our number one priority. Our staff is highly trained and held to a specific set of standards through contractor safety council training and testing at each plant.

  • Solutions

  • Cable Management Solutions

    Cable Management Solutions

    Non-metallic cable tray provides superior protection in harsh environments where corrosion resistance and long life span are important factors.

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

    Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

    Built from the ground up for the water treatment industry, Enduro water and wastewater products offer flexibility, strength, corrosion resistance, and affordability.

  • Custom Engineered Solutions

    Custom Engineered Solutions

    Enduro is a vertically integrated provider of turnkey solutions through our in-house design and engineering, quality testing, and manufacturing.

  • Fire Protection Solutions

    Fire Protection Solutions

    For fire protection requirements, Enduro provides a complete line of UL listed and FM approved electrical and building products.

Services by VEGA

  • Engineering - Design

    Engineering - Design

    Design is a key aspect of developing, modifying and improving instruments. AutoCAD drawings are developed to create a visual representation of the instrument according to the given specifications. Ohmart/VEGA goes beyond these standard 2-D drawings and uses Autodesk Inventor technology to create 3-D models of instruments and mountings. This 3-D modeling is created precisely to specifications and can assist engineers in troubleshooting potential...

  • Engineering - Systems Integration

    Engineering - Systems Integration

    Ohmart/VEGA offers Systems Integration as a TURNKEY solution for customers, managed entirely by Ohmart/VEGA staff. The solution provides quality devices and resources to design and integrate systems that will use Ohmart/VEGA hardware and software. By offering a single source of supply for instrumentation, wiring, basic controls and startup, Systems Integration delivers the vision of future technology and applications. From management and coordination...

  • Nuclear Services

    Nuclear Services

    Licensing - VEGA source holder devices contain radioactive material that may require a license. The VEGA Licensing Department is available to assist customers, both experienced users and those new to the use of nuclear instrumentation, with their nuclear licensing needs. Guidance and information for customers is readily provided with respect to license applications or amendments, working together with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and...

  • Nuclear Field Service

    Nuclear Field Service

    The Nuclear Field Service team is trained to provide customer service via telephone or email for source and detector systems and outputs. In addition, on-site assessments can be performed at the customer's location, anywhere in the world. The team can assist the customer with nearly every aspect of acquiring and safely using a radiation-based measurement system.

  • Field Service

    Field Service

    The Field Service team is trained to provide customer service via telephone and email for instruments using non-nuclear measuring principles. Whether starting up the instrument, configuring it or troubleshooting the system, Field Service can direct customers through the necessary steps to get the measuring device and its outputs running properly. Should the need arise, the team is also able to provide these services in the field, on location at...

Services by Velocity Dynamics, LLC.

  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    For over thirty years VeloDyne’s team has been constantly asking the question, “What If?” Our products deliver superior results because of our almost obsessive nature for optimizing everything that goes into designing, building, installing and supporting our systems. We are driven by a deep understanding of maximizing polymer activation, chemical processing and bulk solids handling, and how this relates to industrial process...

  • Fabrication and Assembly Services

    Fabrication and Assembly Services

    Combined with our unmatched product offering, our in-house fabrication capabilities sets VeloDyne apart from any other chemical equipment and bulk solids handling company in the industry. VeloDyne is compliant with the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the United States Department of Labor (OSHA), the National Electric Code (NEC), and the American Standards Institute (ANSI).

  • Specialized Services

    Specialized Services

    At VeloDyne, we aren’t satisfied with simply designing and selling the best polymer activation, chemical feed systems or bulk solids handling systems in the industry — we have always been driven to deliver more. Our dedication to providing the best solutions possible starts from the moment a potential customer first reaches out, and it continues long after the actual system goes online. We simply do what needs to be done, when and...

Services by Aerator Solutions

  • Parts & Services

    Parts & Services

    Waiting on replacement parts can often cause costly downtime for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. That’s why Aerator Solutions makes it quick and easy to order replacement parts to ensure your operations maintain efficiencies.

Services by Loprest, a division of WRT

  • Loprest - Field Pilot Studies Services

    Loprest - Field Pilot Studies Services

    Pilot tests conducted at numerous facilities demonstrate that Loprest treatment processes successfully reduce iron, manganese, arsenic, nitrate, and many other select contaminants in drinking water to well below the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL). Loprest can provide self-contained portable, free-standing pilot units or mobile, trailer-mounted units, depending on specific testing needs at each site. Services include unit delivery, setup, and...

  • Loprest - Media Replacement and Filter Inspection Services

    Loprest - Media Replacement and Filter Inspection Services

    Annual filter inspections are a key component to long term, trouble free filter operation. Loprest’s trained service engineers can inspect your treatment system and provide written recommendations for maintenance, improvements and upgrades to keep your filter system operating at its peak performance. Loprest can also provide media and replacement services.