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  • DTM Collection / PACTware

    DTM Collection / PACTware

    PACTware is open configuration software for all field instruments that meets FDT specification 1.2. It is manufacturer independent, and fieldbus independent. It offers an easy method of calibrating field instruments using a common software platform.  Specific manufacturer Device Tool Managers (DTMs) are used to communicate with individual field sensors. VEGA offers DTMs for the configuration of all its field sensors.

  • Version 2000 - Ohmview

    Version 2000 - Ohmview

    PC and WindowsTM based, the Ohmview software and a HART modem turn any PC into a transmitter communication tool. With easy to use graphics and menus, the Ohmview software makes field calibration and diagnostics of Ohmart/VEGA radiation-based gauges easy and uncomplicated.

  • Web-VV


    Web-VV is a software program that offers efficient inventory management in a cost effective, user-friendly package. Web-VV is based on the Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) business model in which both customer and supplier benefit by aligning their processes in tandem. In the VMI strategy, after explicit partnership agreements are reached, the supplier takes over inventory monitoring for the customer and autonomously controls the delivery of...