Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. manufactures industry-leading particle analysis instrumentation based on digital imaging technology. Our flagship product, the FlowCam, is the first automated particle analysis instrument to use digital imaging for measuring size and shape of microscopic particles in a fluid medium. With applications in oceanographic research, municipal water, biopharmaceutical formulations, chemicals, oil and gas, biofuels and many other markets, YFT continues to lead the way in imaging particle analysis. The FlowCam is in use by the U.S. EPA, FDA, Pfizer, Amgen, Heinz, Nestle, Apache, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography, among hundreds of other organizations in over 40 countries and on every continent.

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200 Enterprise Drive , Scarborough , ME 04074 USA
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Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)
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In 2013, Fluid Imaging Technologies earned the Robert R. Masterton Award for Economic Development from the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies Provides Imaging Particle Analysis

With the FlowCam® you can analyze particles accurately, reliably and quickly using automated imaging technology to advance your research, increase productivity, and ensure quality.

Phytoplankton & Zooplankton Research
A fast, accurate, and easy-to-use alternative to manual microscopy for monitoring community composition.

Biopharmaceutical & Pharmaceutical
Quantify protein aggregates, silicone drops, and other particulates in your formulation.

HAB Monitoring
Differentiate cyanobacteria from other algae to quickly verify the presence and quantity of cyanobacteria

The only Nano-Flow Imaging™ technology available to image and analyze particles as small as 300 nm in a fluid stream

Other Aquatic Applications
From microplastics research and aquaculture, to ballast water and paleolimnology, new applications are constantly developed

General Industry
Particle analysis for inks and pigments, cosmetics, superabrasives, and more!

Since 1999, Fluid Imaging Technologies has been leading the way in dynamic imaging particle analysis with installations in 45 countries and on every continent. See how some of our customers are using the FlowCam to further their goals.

Meet your particle analysis goals with Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies
Our FlowCam technology was the first to combine the benefits of digital imaging, flow cytometry, and microscopy into a single instrument to help researchers quickly and easily measure the size and shape of microscopic particles in a fluid medium. Today we continue to lead the way in imaging particle analysis.

With YFT you get a partner. We're there for you from initial consultation through training, application development, and support.

Sieracki, the ever-inventor, continues to develop FlowCam imaging particle analysis technology, constantly chasing the challenge to improve the current technology. And Peterson leads the company and continues to seek new opportunities for market development. Fluid Imaging Technologies continuously demonstrates its capabilities to a variety of new markets through our Particle Analysis Services, including printer toner, superabrasives, food and beverage, and others. Today we celebrate FlowCam sales in over 60 countries, with local sales representation in over 25 countries.