Fluigent develops, manufactures and commercializes innovative fluid handling solutions for a variety of rapidly growing applications where fluid control is critical. We have delivered MFCS™ (Microfluidic Flow Control Systems) to hundreds of customers worldwide since 2006. Today, we build on field experience a broad range of applications and we have more than 150 scientific publications citing our products.

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Fluigent develops, manufactures and commercializes innovative fluid handling solutions for a variety of rapidly growing applications where fluid control is critical.

We have delivered MFCS-EZ Microfluidic Flow Control Systems to hundreds of customers worldwide since 2005.  Today, we build on-field experience covering a very broad range of applications.

  • The history of Fluigent Solutions: Fluigent presents more than 100 man-years of experience in microfluidics with world-class scientific and engineering backgrounds. We offer to our Customers a full range of engineering services and technical assistance to design and optimize their set-ups such as pressure and flow-rate simulations, channel configurations, materials, connectors, etc.

  • Plug and Play: We strive to “Make microfluidics easy”. Our solutions are modularized, enabling our Customers to save precious time with cumbersome engineering fluidic developments (such as re-designing and re-developing electronic and software interfaces for each new set-up). As an example, with our latest ESSTM fluid handling platform, it is possible to add/remove switch units on the fluidic paths within a few minutes time, and immediately start operating the new set-up.

  • Research Products: Research labs can thus focus on doing research and science to further develop applications: numerous published papers refer to Fluigent products and technology, as shown in our reference list. Ground breaking discoveries have been published in the best journals thanks to our enabling flow-control technology. We have optimized our product lead time, in order to shorten the delivery time to less than two weeks (in most cases less than five days) for our standard products.

  • Outside Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Opportunities, Our industrial Customers can focus on their system architecture and application targets, relying on us for the fluidics. Our OEM products are specifically designed for integration into larger diagnostic & test equipment. The technical performances of the P-module are equivalent to the MFCSTM (Microfluidic Flow Control System) end-user product. The OEM offer includes DLL libraries and industrial interface buses for smooth and easy integration.

  • Partnerships: We have established partnerships with well-established and innovative players such as MICRONIT, ZURICH INSTRUMENTS, LABSMITH, in order to offer pre-integrated and pre-qualified solutions. These partnerships are very effective especially for new comers in the field, as they can save a precious time.

  • Quality is at the center of all our activities. Our Customers can benefit from our ISO-9001 certified processes. Certification renewal took place in early 2013 for an additional 3 years.

  • Intellectual Property:  Fluigent’s patented FASTAB technology is unique. Our product design and manufacturing activities far exceed simple assembly activities. We have proprietary pneumatic and electronic design, enabling us to finely tailor the product design to each Customer need without relying on fixed pre-packaged external solutions.

Fluigent provides complete solutions: we are the first Company to introduce pressure-driven flow control pumps to the microfluidic research market, as opposed to conventional syringe and peristaltic pumps.

Today, Fluigent is the first Company to introduce a full pressure and flow-rate solution designed for coupled multi-channel configurations (Flow Rate Control Module FRCM).
We aim at providing our Customers with the most advanced microfluidic tools, and help them being successful in all their microfluidic applications

We are proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 registered company. Fluigent is committed to delivering excellence in quality. We are dedicated to driving continual improvement throughout our activities to deliver the best solutions and services possible. Also, to meet the specific needs of our customers regulatory and legal requirements, we rely on three axes:

  • Listening and customer satisfaction: through continuous improvement plans we are constantly satisfying our clients by maintaining a relationship based on listening and understanding their needs.
  • Competitiveness: through competitive intelligence and a thorough analysis of markets on one hand, and by implementing rigorous and demanding procedures on the other hand, we work to continuously improve our products. We gather our employees around a common goal, namely providing the highest quality in their work.
  • Innovation: by meeting our customers’ expectations and identifying new needs, our Research & Development team designs and develops original and innovative solutions, intended to serve as reference in microfluidics instrumentation.