Fluiten Italia S.p.A.

Fluiten Italia S.p.A.

Fluiten designs and produces mechanical seals standard and engineered on the specific needs of its customers. Our flexible structure allows us to minimize the development time of engineered projects and the customizations of each standard model. Our mechanical seals are developed by R&D Department in close collaboration with the Technical Department. Innovation, precision and quality of production characterize our mechanical seals widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, energy and naval industries. Near the Expo Area, in the suburban of Milan, Alberto Delfo Colombo, in 1962, founded what today is the FLUITEN, an Italian company that employs more than 100 people in Europe and represents excellence of the precision mechanics industry.

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Via L. da Vinci 14 , Pero , Milan 20016 Italy

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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There are many success stories, in which we played a primary role supporting our Customers. Only knowledge of the products, correct management of machinery and compliance with maintenance procedures can ensure our customers achieve ambitious objectives. We want to be there by their side, experiencing their success.

Below, we will provide some example success stories which specifically highlight the professionalism and technical skills of our company, establishing partnerships with our Customers to ensure the success of every single project.

  • We produce mechanical seals internal and external, unidirectional single spring, bidirectional multi-spring, protected spring, metal bellows seal, single, double and cartridge configuration.
  • The cartridge mechanical seals simplify assembly operations eliminating the possibility of error.
  • This type of mechanical seals, for design and construction, are often used for heavy use in the chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, food and oil & gas industries.
  • Our mechanical seals are produced for standard and engineered Api pumps, multistage pumps, vertical pumps, will pumps, boiler feed pumps, but also stirrers, mixers, reactors, dryers.
  • Concerning marine industry we produce a dedicated line of mechanical seals used widely on work boats, military vessels and in pleasure yacht.

  • Since 1962, we engineered products: since 1962 we do quality!
  • Our quality system was born from the need to provide excellent products.
  • As of now we have acquired all the necessary tools and over the years the recognition of certification bodies came easily.
  • At the service of our customers we have equipped the Dynamic Test Department to be able to simulate any real condition of employment.
  • Today Fluiten boasts certifications from Rina ISO 9001, Lloyd Certified, PED, ATEX and AEC.

Already from the early 80s, FLUITEN was able to produce seals for 12,000 rpm centrifugal compressors. At present, all out tests comply with the strict American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. In the mean time we produced seal rings for machine tools, able to sustain pressures of hundreds of bar and with an extremely high number of revolutions (30-40,000) even where there is no liquid lubricant, in accordance with the latest market requests. We represent the reference company for Italian manufacturing companies, within the agitator sector, and we work to provide dynamic testing which simulates genuine operating conditions.

The company made substantial investments in Research and Development, to the extent that every scientific institution and competitor Manufacturer gives praise to FLUITEN for having created a dynamic testing room, the most avant-garde in Europe, one of the very few able to support complex experimental calculations and simulations of the worst operating conditions. The constant research of innovative solutions, based upon the study of intrinsic material features, led us to develop novel, technologically advanced products, for example, those used in the Fluilift and Fluigrid technologies, for which FLUITEN has issued patents.