FoamFatale Greece Ltd. is a fire and safety company that specialised in oil storage tanks and terminals, sells, services and maintains high-tech fixed foam fire and safety products. Our goal is to fulfill the highest safety needs of all of our customers and to aid them in controlling costs associated with all aspects of oil tank safety. The mission of FoamFatale Greece Ltd. is to manufacture the best available technique based on the latest research allowing our high-tech FoamFatale system to be sold, installed and serviced to prevent disasters and losses of oil and chemical companies.

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Filippoupoleos 21 , Thessaloniki , 56123 Greece

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Health and Safety - Fire Safety
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Globally (various continents)

FoamFatale is a high-tech fire protection system for storage tanks. This method has unique features and advantages over traditional technologies:

  • Fully autonomous, independent from external sources, does not require connection to fire water network or to any other supply systems (electricity, fire trucks, etc.).
  • The sytem does not require manpower resources to set up and operate at the scene of the fire. 
  • The performance of the systems is enormous, the extinguishing time is reduced extremely (max. 2 minutes at every size of storage tank), so the product and the storage tank itself is saved, the air pollution is reduced to the minimum, there are no catastrophe situations.
  • No pumps, no proportioners, no aspirating devices etc. are needed, so the construction is simple, the reliability level and the success rate is very high.
  • Requires considerably lower capital investment in installation, operating and maintenance costs.
  • The fire protection system of the refinery is built up by independent protection installations, therefore there are no common elements of the system, which being destroyed can block the protection of the entire refinery.

Definition of the scientific problem
Concerning disaster incidents fire occurs most often. In this section we are dealing with the environmental effects of the fire and the phenomena of secondary damage caused by the extinguishing of the fire of above ground atmospheric flammable liquid storage tanks.

The environmental protection laws and the related implementation directives apply to stationery known technologies with continuous emission and prescribe in detail the method for the measurement and calculation of each type of pollution emission and the permissible limits.

However, environment protection laws do not regulate the circumstances and methods of disaster recovery, since disaster incidents are characterized by the unpredictability of what will happen when and where, but refer this task to the competence of the disaster recovery laws. However, the law regulating disaster recovery tasks does not lay down environmental quality and quantity requirements, although properly chosen recovery technology may considerably reduce the load on the environment.

Another problematic area is that traditional, currently available fire fighting techniques such as the foam jet pipes, foam vessels, foam slides in case of semi-fixed extinguishing are not suitable for extinguishing with increased foam intensity, moreover their reliability is also very questionable and their potential failure will lead to a further disaster.