Franatech GmbH

Franatech GmbH

Franatech is a company specialized in development, production and supply of underwater sensors for dissolved gases. We are the world-leader in underwater methane monitoring and detection technology. Franatech products are used world-wide for industrial applications like offshore O & G, aquaculture, water and waste water, hydroelectricity. They are also deployed by scientific institutions for ecosystems studies in the deep-sea as well as in lakes, climate research studies, and study of ocean acidifications. Franatech disposes of a fully equipped laboratory for sensor calibration and tuning. We can simulate various deployment conditions and dispose of an own pressure test chamber. Electronic laboratory and mechanical workshop complement our capacity. Most of our R&D work is done directly under client contract.

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In Der Marsch 8 , Lüneburg , 21339 Germany


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Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

Franatech underwater sensors for dissolved gases

The METS methane sensor was introduced in 1999 as the first practical sensor for methane monitoring and detection underwater. With a proven track record, it offers true performances for the best price. It is used in all oceans of this world but the Antarctic. It was as well deployed successfully in famous lakes such as Lake Constance (Germany), Kivu (Africa) and Baikal (Russia).

We also supply sensors for hydrogen, oxygen, H2S
Our sensors are used world-wide for various applications: hydrate research, underground tunneling, offshore oil and gas exploration activities, offshore installations safety and integrity surveys, lake ecosystems research, climate research, deepwater oceanology, groundwater quality monitoring, landfill leachate monitoring.

14 years experience in underwater gas detection
Our team looks back at 14 years experience in underwater gas detection, supported by patents, technology awards, participation in international projects and numerous publications. Our commitment is to improvement and customer satisfaction. This is the least you can expect from the world-leader in underwater methane monitoring and detection technology. Our large experimental and field experience is a guarantee for our customers that we speak the same language and that we are able to propose an appropriate answer to their needs.