FREDsense Technologies Corp.

FREDsense Technologies is an early stage start-up based out of the University of Calgary that is developing a bio-based platform technology to be able to detect toxins in water supplies particularly for oil and gas applications. FREDsense Technologies focuses on developing biological solutions to monitoring toxins in our environment. Bacteria are incredibly diverse and capable of sensing and reporting on the level of a variety of environmental issues in our society. We have harnessed the power of a genetically modified version of an environmental bacteria to be able to create a general toxin sensor to be used in the oil and gas industry.

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C-020 3535 Research Road , N.W. Calgary , Alberta Canada

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Monitoring and Testing - Environmental Monitoring
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Internationally (various countries)

Chances are, you don't.

Water is essential to our lives, our industry, and our environment. It is our most precious resource.

Despite this, our ability to monitor the quality of our freshwater assets is lacking. The existing tools are expensive and complex, requiring on-site sample collection and processing. This costs time and money, meaning that in many industries sampling is often periodic, and contamination can be missed.

We are here to change that.

FREDsense combines biology and engineering to detect chemicals in your water. We use a biosensor with an electrochemical output to create a system that is fast, sensitive, and unlike anything else on the market, allowing anyone to know exactly what is in their water.
The Technology

Meet FRED- the Field Ready Electrochemical Detector, designed to provide customizable, sensitive measurement of chemicals in water such as heavy metals. Our system can be implemented both as a portable spot test, as well as an autonomous real-time monitoring device which will collect samples in a near-continuous fashion, generating a constant stream of water quality data that can be accessed remotely.

Are We Needed?

With growing regulatory oversight and increasing costs associated with lab-based analytical monitoring, there is an emerging market surrounding water quality monitoring as industries such as mining are looking for a better solution.

From metals mining and oil and gas operations, to agricultural communities and urban municipalities, many stakeholders want access to real-time water quality data. With a modular, sensitive system that can be implemented anywhere, we see our technology providing a viable solution to a real problem which will change the way we think about water monitoring.

The Team

FREDsense is composed of a group of dedicated, passionate student-entrepreneurs from the Calgary community. Together, we have won numerous technical and business competitions. We are happy to have an amazing board of advisors, and are always looking to hear from individuals interested in joining our team.

We have a leadership team with collective years of experience in project management and pitching, combined with a strong technical team with years of scientific experience, who have worked together for years and have won multiple national and international business competitions together.
We have also recruited several excellent business advisors to assist us, and together are working to make a difference in the way we do water monitoring.

Invested: $100,000 from the cofounding team, crowdfunding initiatives, and an additional $100,000 from becoming part of the prestigious Singularity University Accelerator

Seeking: $1.5 million to bring our technology into field tests and make it available to our first market vertical surrounding water districts.


Water is essential to our lives, almost every industry, and our environment. It is our most precious resource. Despite this, our ability to monitor the quality of our water assets is lacking. Tools are expensive, complex, and require processing steps. This costs time, money and means that decisions can’t be made in real-time.


FREDsense combines biology and engineering to detect chemicals in your water. Our portable field kits are fast, sensitive, and require no training to use. Spend less time acquiring your water quality information and instead focus on making active decisions affecting your infrastructure. The Field Ready Electrochemical Detector (FRED), is fast & sensitive, achieving trace detection of select compounds (down to 1 ug/L - ppb), and is easy to use.