French Creek Software

French Creek Software

Started in 1990, French Creek Software writes water treatment modeling software for predicting scale potential, corrosion and inhibitors in aqueous industrial systems. French Creek`s products include WaterCycle for cooling water, hyd-RO-dose for reverse osmosis, DownHole SAT for oilfield brines & mixtures, and WatSIM for municipal and mixtures.

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P.O. Box 68 , 1220 Valley Forge Road, Ste. 21 , Valley Forge , 19481-0068 PA USA

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Software vendor
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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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French Creek modeling applications apply a complex approach for modeling mineral scale, but with a friendly software interface.

A typical French Creek program simultaneously models 18+ saturation levels and their interactions. Each saturation ratio calculated compares hundreds of possible ion pair combinations, finding the most likely distribution of species.

The use of ion pairing to estimate the free concentrations of reactants overcomes several of the major shortcomings of traditional indices. Indices such as LSI correct activity coefficients for ionic strength based upon the total dissolved solids. They do not account for 'common ion' effects. Common ion effects increase the apparent solubility of a compound by reducing the concentration of reactants available.

The end result is a transportable, reliable means of predicting mineral scale formation.