Fresh-flo Corporation

Fresh-flo Corporation

At Fresh-flo Corporation, we manufacture a variety of products for fish farmers and private pond owners alike. Since 1958, Fresh-flo aerators have been used to restore adequate oxygen, reduce water temperature, dislodge obnoxious gases, dissolve organic wastes, and prevent freeze-out in large and small bodies of water.

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3037 Weeden Creek Rd. , Sheboygan , WI 53081 USA

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Aeration Process Increases Oxygen

Our line of aerators features our patented aeration process which is the most efficient way to increase oxygen levels for healthy fish. In addition, our aerators are proven durable and dependable. We can provide an aeration system to suit every need.

Benefits of Pond and Lake Aerators

Below are a list of some of the benefits of using aerators for fish farmers and riparian (lake front) owners.

Fish Farmers

  • increases fish production
  • reduces fish losses
  • improves growth rate

Lake Property Owners

  • keeps water open
  • prevents winter-kill

Waterfowl and Hunting Preserves

  • keeps feeding areas open

Fish Hatcheries

  • keeps fish healthy during transport

Industrial and Commercial Ponds and Golf Courses

  • keeps ponds healthy