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  • Boiler Tubing

  • Straight Boiler Tubing

    Straight Boiler Tubing

    It is our intent to have on hand all straight boiler tubing sizes,wall thickness and material grades that are common to each of the industries that we serve. We work very closely with numerous tube mills and master distributors for those items that we do not have  and will make every effort to assist you with your straight boiler

  • Boiler Tube Plugs

    Boiler Tube Plugs

    Stocking A675-Gr70 Carbon Steel,  SA213-T11 & SA213-T22 alloy boiler tube plugs for all routine and popular sizes. We have the in-house capability to provide any size boiler tube plugs needed that we do not have on the shelf.

  • Fuel Metering Equipment

  • Metering Bins

    Metering Bins

    The FSE Energy metering bins product line offers the precise fuel control and fuel metering necessary for good combustion control and low emissions. The metering bins design, coupled with individual VFDs for each screw, allow the ability to precisely meter fuel onto the grate across a wide range of firing rates.