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  • Geosurvey

  • Bathymetric Survey

    Bathymetric Survey

    Fugro EMU Limited’s Geosurvey group supplies high quality hydrographic survey services to support a wide range of industries and clients. Fugro EMU has a wealth of experience in conducting high resolution and wide-coverage multibeam bathymetric surveys worldwide. Fugro EMU have operated all makes and models of effective multibeam echosounders on the market. Recently, Fugro EMU have standardised our bathymetric approach and significantly invested...

  • Sidescan Sonar Survey

    Sidescan Sonar Survey

    Fugro EMU Limited’s Geosurvey group has considerable experience conducting high resolution dual frequency sidescan sonar surveys independently or as part of a full geophysical survey. We use a variety of digital sidescan sonars to suit a variety of project specifications, providing high quality imagery of the seabed every time. Fugro EMU routinely deploy Klein (3000, 3900 and 5000) and Edgetech (4200, 4700 and 4125) fish but can accommodate any...

  • Magnetometer Survey

    Magnetometer Survey

    Fugro EMU Limited’s Geosurvey group has extensive experience of conducting magnetometer surveys in order to detect the presence of ferrous objects on or beneath the seabed. This can be undertaken independently or as part of a full geophysical survey. Magnetometer and gradiometer surveys have been undertaken in a variety of water depths and for a wide range of applications including archaeological investigation and unexploded ordnance (UXO)...

  • Sub-Bottom Profile Survey

    Sub-Bottom Profile Survey

    Fugro EMU Limited’s Geosurvey group possess many years of experience in the acquisition and processing of sub-bottom datasets to a wide range of clients across many offshore sectors. Depending on the client’s requirements and site geology, various seismic sources can be used to ensure optimum results, this includes offshore construction and site monitoring purposes. The principal seismic sources deployed by Fugro EMU are boomer (Applied...

  • Backscatter


    Backscatter data, acquired utilising a multibeam bathymetry system, can be used to produce an accurately positioned mosaic directly comparable to the multibeam bathymetry data. Backscatter data may be used to produce a seabed classification delineating boundaries between areas of differing sediment or habitat types and can be a cost effective solution where sidescan sonar data is not a separate client requirement. The result can be correlated with...