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  • GIS

  • Spatial Analysis and Interpretation

    Spatial Analysis and Interpretation

    From biotope mapping to sub-bottom analysis, the application of geospatial analytical techniques is becoming more and more of anexpected requirement for surveys and consultancy services.

  • Mapping and Charting

    Mapping and Charting

    The Fugro EMU Limited GIS team are expert in mapping and charting for environmental services. Providing high-quality map outputs that consistently demonstrate our proficiency in Technical Cartography, Survey Design, Ecological Mapping, Environmental Assessment and other mapping solutions.

  • Spatial Data Management

    Spatial Data Management

    The GIS team provides geospatial systems management and chart production for a variety of organisations within the marine environmental and engineering / construction fields, both in the UK and overseas. As an integral part of the company, the team also provides in-house services and support for the Fugro EMU Limited survey and consultancy divisions across all sectors.

  • Interactive GIS

    Interactive GIS

    Fugro EMU Limited’s GIS Department has the capability to host GIS data online with client access through web based maps or downloading data locally. This service includes (although is not limited to) the creation of secure web-applications for remote data access, the use of standards-based, accessible web technology, and the development and maintenance of custom databases for the storage of geospatial data.

  • Site Selection, Feasibility Studies and Risk Mapping

    Site Selection, Feasibility Studies and Risk Mapping

    Fugro EMU Limited works closely with developers of offshore and coastal infrastructure to inform site selection, characterisation and feasibility studies. Supporting the client group, our Consultancy and GIS teams draw upon a broad knowledge base and data resources to help inform the decision making process. The Fugro EMU GIS team have developed a customisable risk mapping tool and methodology to refine the process of constraints analysis and...