Fulcrum Resources Environmental

Fulcrum Resources Environmental

Fulcrum Resources Environmental, which operates under the parent company Fulcrum Resources, Inc, is a full service environmental and engineering consulting firm. At Fulcrum, we value client relationships and business objectives necessary to achieve top quality and timely delivery of services. With nationwide locations in US and Canada, we can guarantee dedicated and experienced specialists will evaluate present environmental due diligence needs for your commercial property, make recommendations for improvements, and help to grow your business.

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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Energy Consulting and Engineering
Market Focus:
Regionally (various states or provinces)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Site Cleanup & Remediation

Site Characterization:

Site Characterization Reports provide clients a set of site-specific activities designed to identify and understand contaminants and contaminant sources at a site. Fulcrum provides clients Site Characterization Reports to help ensure adequate and appropriate information is available to support selection and implementation of remedial actions. Site Characterization Reports are designed at the level of detail which is commensurate with the complexity of the site and/or release in question. The process involves:

Data and information gathering
Development of a Site Conceptual Model
Preparation of a Site Characterization Work Plan

Fulcrum works with clients, lenders, and property buyers to ensure our Site Characterization Reports the information necessary to understand the property in question.

Aquifer Testing:

An Aquifer Test is a controlled field experiment used to estimate hydraulic properties of aquifer systems such as transmissivity, hydraulic conductivity, and storativity (storage coefficient). The three fundamental aquifer testing methods are pumping tests, slug tests and constant-head tests. Each method differs according to the type of hydraulic stress that control well imposes on the aquifer system under investigation. Fulcrum is able to perform Aquifer Testing for clients and caters its testing Protocol to client needs.

Groundwater Modeling:

Property owners or municipal planners occasionally need to simulate or predict aquifer conditions for various reasons. Fulcrum is able to provide these services through computer modeling of groundwater flow systems. Have a project which requires groundwater modeling? Contact Fulcrum to see how our staff hydro-geologists can help you.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation (Design and Implementation):

Fulcrum works with clients to help find solutions to their specific soil and groundwater remediation issues. Fulcrum helps clients develop remediation alternatives ranging from active engineered systems to natural attenuation to addressing site contaminants. Fulcrum supports our clients by consistently and successfully providing technical resources to solve urgent, challenging environmental problems.

For more information visit us:- https://www.frenviro.net/site-cleanup-remediation/