Full Service Srl

Full Service Srl

Located in the province of Padua, Full Service is a company established in the early 1980s as import and export company of agricultural machinery and machines created for the maintenance of green spaces in professional activities. Thanks to the continuous research for innovative solutions and paying close attention to market requirements on all fronts, the company began to diversify its business over the years focusing on the environmental sector. Today Full Service offers a wide range of machines, tools and specific products.

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Via Enzo Ferrari 6 , Saletto , PD 35046 Italy
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Site Remediation
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Internationally (various countries)
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Through the development of technical solutions for grass planting and upgrading deteriorated areas and a wide range of erosion control and hydroseeding products and tools, Full Service has become an important reality and a national and international reference point in environmental protection field.

To confirm its leader position on the market, few years ago Full Service started a collaboration with American partners with years of experience and today the company is able to offer ENVIRONMENTALLY COMPATIBLE solutions and products for dust control suppression and ecological pavements in different landscape contexts.


The Best Solutions for a Better Environment

The corporate philosophy consists of a set of characteristics such as the diffusion of environmentally compatible erosion control technologies which achieve good performances with the least impact on the environment – we use and handle with environmentally friendly products for hydroseeding jobs.

Over the years, the company has expanded its structure and today it avails itself of the collaboration of experts of the sector. It is therefore able to offer a range of services that goes from the consulting service to the planning and support service.

The technical service of the company is carried out by experts who identify the most suitable system, tailor the solution, estimate the economical aspects, define some specifications which guarantee both the contractor and the designer, and provide customer service during the installation process. We can also count upon our foreign partners with their technical know-how that they got through research and worldwide jobs – their experience can be useful for our national partners too.


Hydroseeding is a method of grass planting that is mechanically applied by a hydroseeder equipped with mechanical internal agitator. The complex blend containing seeds, tackifier, fertilizers and other additives, has to be applied evenly on the soil surface by hoses and cannons.

Depending on situation and on the soil type, hydroseeding products and systems can vary.

Hydroseeding methods can be divided into three major groups:

  • Hydroseeding  with green wood fibers allows to establish vegetation on such surfaces where it wouldn’t otherwise be possible to obtain satisfactory results with traditional hand-seeding. Mulch reduces erosion and creates a microclimate that enhances and promote growth and root development. Mulch can absorb a substantial amount of the water slowly released to the soil, thus creating a greenhouse effect that improves germination.
  • Heavy hydroseeding with organic matter and wood fiber mulch. It allows grass planting even on very steep slopes, sterile soil lacking organic coverage and turf reinforcements , very irregular slopes. This method consists in carrying out in one or more steps heavy hydromulching using only natural products that don’t alter the ecosystem.
  • Hydroseeding with Hydromat MFL - Hydraulically applied blanket: surface covering with an erosion control matrix (Hydromat) blended with other natural products. This method provides a safe and economically effective erosion-control substitute for traditional blankets - even on the steepest slopes.

Full Service is able to meet all customers’ requirements and recommend the most appropriate products and solution according to the actual situation. We estimate pedological, lithological, morphological and weather conditions, upon which the choice of the most suitable system and component depends.