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  • Hydroseeding

    Hydroseeding consists in a process of soil surface covering with a complex mixture, which is hydraulically sprayed with a special hydroseeder. The mixture is evenly applied in order to keep its composition homogeneous with this purpose, the hydroseeder is equipped with an internal mechanical agitator and special nozzles for the spreading of the product. The mixture distributed on to the soil is composed by seeds, tackifiers, fertilizers, and other substances depending on the function require

  • FULLTACK - Natural Powder Tackifier

    FULLTACK - Natural Powder Tackifier

    FullTack is a 100% natural powder which increases the binding power of the mulch and, together with it, they form a reticulum, web-like, of cross fibres which, together with fertilizer, soil and seed, bind with the soil and avoid that wash away.

  • ECOTACK - Vegetal Powder Tackifier for Hydroseeding

    ECOTACK - Vegetal Powder Tackifier for Hydroseeding

    Ecotack/ Biotack is a powder tackifier made from 100% renewable resources. It is composed by a mixture of natural polysaccharides-based products that act as a binding agent between the elements of the hydroseeding blend and the soil.

  • HYDROTACK - Natural Liquid

    HYDROTACK - Natural Liquid

    HydroTack is a 100% natural tackifier, being liquid is very easy to use and mix. It is not hygroscopic and promotes a binding effect on the soil’s surface.

  • Organic Calcium For Correction of Acid Soils

    Organic Calcium For Correction of Acid Soils

    Correction of acid soils; The Organic Calcium is the solution for the correction of acid soils (ph < 7), rich in sodium, subject to calcification and with a high level of salinity. Thanks to its organic component, the product is not subject to washout.

  • Deep Green Dye

    Deep Green Dye

    DEEP GREEN is a natural dye especially used for grass lawns and every type of hydroseeding. It is used for tracing and checking the quantity of hydroseeding blend distributed.

  • FIBERPLUS - Synthetic Photodegradable Fibers

    FIBERPLUS - Synthetic Photodegradable Fibers

    It is an additive with a basis of synthetic photodegradable fibers. They have a length from 10 to 30 mm and are specific to be applied through hydroseeding. They can be mixed with every kind of mulch, improving their resistance.

  • Hydromatic - Model MFL - Erosion Control System

    Hydromatic - Model MFL - Erosion Control System

    Hydromat in an erosion control system that combines the advantages of the blankets together with the precision of the hydroseeding technique.Unique among all erosion control systems, Hydromat acts as a blanket and matches its benefits with a meaningful time and work saving. Results and cost-benefits ratio make it the best choice for a wide application range.