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  • Landfills and Contaminated Sites

    Landfills and polluted sites issues; A greater environmental awareness is nowadays promoted by both legislators and all waste managing authorities. New solutions for the treatment and the storage of urban waste (both hazardous and not harmful waste) need to be found and applied. As a consequence, the number of new ‘traditional’ dumps has finally decreased and new more rational systems have been adopted to build modern dumps. New dumps work using available resources: their purpose

  • CoWaste - Model SW - Remediation Cover

    CoWaste - Model SW - Remediation Cover

    CoWaste SW is easy to apply and guarantees long-term effectiveness. CoWaste SW is a technologically advanced sprayable foam of polymers and recycled fiber that forms a slurry when mixed with water. The slurry can be spray applied to smooth or irregular surfaces, steep slopes or vertical walls. CoWaste SW Foam Cover forms an uniform encapsulating layer between contaminated materials and the environment, suppressing VOC’s, dust, odors, and gas.