Fuquan Green Mineral Co., Ltd

Fuquan Green Mineral Co., Ltd

Fuquan Green Mineral Co., Ltd

Founded in April, 2012, Fuquan Green Mineral Co., Ltd. is an investment attracting enterprise in Fuquan City. In May of 2013, as the only representative of Fuquan City, participated in the signing ceremony of investment invitation and investment organized by Guizhou Provincial Government at Chongqing Chongqing Yuqiao Fair. Our company is a barite company in china. Over the years the company has a market in the world, we are those who provide the drilling company of barite powder, with high quality and competitive price, if your company needs barite powder,.

Company details

Zhegang Village, Fengshan Town , Fuquan City , Guizhou Province 550000 China
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Superior geographical position

Located in Zhegang Village, Fengshan Town, Fuquan City, Guizhou Province. Located at the junction of Kaili, Majiang and Fuquan, it is located in the barite ore belt of southern Guizhou and southeastern Guizhou. Majiang County (including Kaili Fushan Town) is a famous barite town in China.

II. Main Business

Specialized in the production of barite powder.

Ⅲ . Product Target Market

One is used as an aggravating agent in oil and gas drilling; the other is used as a filler in the chemical industry such as paint.

IV. Specific equipment is as follows

1. The crushing and cleaning production line has a monthly processing capacity of 12 000-15 000 tons. Achieve or even exceed the processing capacity of local small mines.

2. There are four flotation production lines, which can flotation barite concentrate about 7000 tons per month. It surpasses the production capacity of most local and surrounding mines.

3. The drying line has a monthly processing capacity of barite concentrate reaching about 8000 tons. It is the most efficient production line in the local and surrounding industries.

4. There are three grinding production lines, which have formed the production capacity of 13500 tons of drilling  per month and 7000 tons of filler .

Ⅴ.Capacity and industry ranking

Ⅰ) Capacity

1. The original design capacity:

1) Annual production of drilling barite powder is 50,000 tons.
2) Annual output of filler grade barite powder is 10,000 tons.

2. Real Capacity

1) The annual production of drilling barite powder is 150,000 tons.
2) Annual output of filler grade barite powder is 70,000 tons.

Ⅱ) Capacity industry ranking

Capacity ranking has exceeded most companies in the same industry.


1. Own the right to import and export independently. Drilling products have been exported to the United States and Canada. Products for filler have been exported to Korea and Japan.

2. Obtain the qualification of heat treatment of wood packaging granted by Guizhou Import and Export Commodity Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. It is one of only three enterprises with this qualification in Guizhou Province. It is the only company in the industry with this qualification.

3. It has passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification.

4. It has passed the qualification examination of PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC, and obtained the qualification of directly participating in the bidding of three barrels of oil. This qualification is not available to most enterprises in the industry.

VII. Organizational structure

The company has initially established a complete administrative, business, production, inspection and transportation sector.
In addition to the company headquarters, Guiyang office has been established. Foshan (Guangdong) office and Changzhou (Jiangsu) office are also under preparation.

Ⅷ .Personnel

Except for the direct producers, all the other employees in the company are undergraduates. It covers economics, logistics management, English, Japanese, machinery, minerals, Chinese and other disciplines.
The combination of  disciplines is relatively reasonable, which has a greater guarantee for the development of the company.

Ⅸ. Other

I) Creating Employment Opportunities

More than 500 people have been employed in local villages, partly increasing the income of the surrounding villagers.

Ⅱ) Public welfare activities

Continuous annual contributions to local Spring Festival rural literary and artistic activities, rural sanitation facilities, rural water supply facilities, rural road construction, etc.