G.L.A. - Germicidal Lamps & Applications

G.L.A. - Germicidal Lamps & Applications

G.L.A. - Germicidal Lamps & Applications - is a customer-oriented company focused on delivering quality products, services and solutions to its customers. G.L.A. is located in Enkhuizen, Netherlands. Since 1985, G.L.A. specializes in UV-C light. G.L.A. advises, designs, manufactures, sells and maintains a complete line of UV-C equipment for air and surface disinfection. We work closely with our customers to come to optimal and sustainable results. UV-C is a highly effective disinfectant that is suitable for the control of all types of micro-organisms. Bacteria, fungi, viruses and yeasts cannot withstand the physical effect that the photochemical reaction causes. With the right knowledge of the technique and the effects based on literature, research and experience and with access to the most advanced products, we can use UV-C safely, efficiently and effectively for you. Unlike many other disinfectants, UV-C is very inexpensive to buy and its use is not harmful to the environment.

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De Dolfijn 67 , Enkhuizen , 1601 ME Netherlands
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Our extensive range of products, lamps and drivers is always in the forefront in terms of innovation. Through our engagement and instigating of investigations, we are aware of the latest developments in the field. With our partner Philips we have the most comprehensive, reliable and progressive lamp program. Of course, we work closely with our customers to develop and produce the most effective solutions. Often these are tailor-made systems to integrate the application of UV-C as perfectly as possible in the situation.


To achieve the best results for each installation, it is of great importance to find the right balance and interaction between application, product, lamp and driver. With our 25+ years of experience, in-house development and production, our Philips lamp and driver package, we can offer the best performance and reliability.


Overexposure to UV-C is harmful to the eyes and skin and can cause photokeratitis and skin burns. Various international bodies have therefore established limits for exposure values within which it can be performed safely. G.L.A has the knowledge and the right equipment to ensure this so your application can be used safely.


Since the early 90’s G.L.A has an important relationship with Philips. The extensive lamp and driver programs, development strength and reliability in quality and delivery have made Philips the main partner of G.L.A. The interaction between Philips products and the knowledge and products of G.L.A makes this a very powerful combination. G.L.A is for Philips the major specialist in the field of UV-C in the Netherlands and abroad.


Sustainability has always played an important role at G.L.A and Philips. The application of our systems leads to a decrease in the use of chemicals, to energy saving and to improving the environment. In addition, Philips lamps contain very small amounts of mercury, they have a low energy consumption due to high efficiency and cause less waste by longevity. Therefore, many of these products also carry The Green Logo.