G2 Data Systems

G2 Data systems offers two Data Acquisition and Handling (DAHS) products called EmiDAS and CEMWindow Easily configurable high speed data acquisition and logging software to store, report and generate alerts from environmental monitor and industrial sensor readings. Data collected can be the viewed in real-time or historically, in tabular or graphical form and reports generated in Corporate or Regulatory Agency format. Reports access data real-time to provide the most up-to-date measurement and system statuses. Any date range can be queried, and this range can even be selectable to an accuracy of 1 second over the entire history of the data acquisition. EmiDAS is mCERTS certified and complies with a number of requirements used in worldwide legislation.

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33 Foxboro Rd , Redhill , RH1 1TD United Kingdom

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Software vendor
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Air and Climate - Air Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Highly Configurable

G2 Data Systems CEMS products (EmiDAS and CEMWindows) are highly configurable so there is no restriction on the data that is being monitored.  

Industry Certified

G2 Data Systems continuous emissions monitoring software has been developed to the high standards required by the continuous emissions monitoring standards, certificates and directives including MCERTS, US EPA , BS EN14181, IPPC , IED , WID , LPCD , CEN , ISO 9001, Environmental Permitting (EP) regulations (Part A and Part B) and others.