GAIKER Foundation / GAIKER Technological Centre

GAIKER Foundation / GAIKER Technological Centre

GAIKER Foundation / GAIKER Technological Centre

The GAIKER Foundation is a Technological Centre whose mission is to research and provide Innovation and Technology Services to companies. Since our creation in 1985, we have contributed to the technological development and competitiveness of the business fabric through the generation, uptake, adaptation and subsequent transfer to our clients and founder members of technologies related to our Areas of Knowledge (Plastics and Composites, Sustainability and Environment Technology, Recycling and Recovery, and Biotechnology). In addition to our main activity, namely R&D Under Contract (private and confidential), we provide Technological Services related to Technical Assistance and Advice, Technological Services (Diagnoses and Checkings) and Analysis and Tests, also offering a Technological Alert, Training and Dissemination Service.

Company details

Parque tecnologico edificio 202 , ZAMUDIO , BIZKAIA 48170 Spain
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Business Type:
Nonprofit organization (NPO)
Industry Type:
University / Academia / Research
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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GAIKER is a private and non profit organisation devoted to research and offering innovative technological solutions for corporations. Since our inception in 1985, we contribute to the technological development and competitiveness of businesses through learning and specialisation and ultimately transferring technologies related to our Areas of Knowledge - Biotechnology, Environment, Recycling and Plastics & Composites - to the members of our Foundation and our clients.

In addition to our main goal (the development of R&D Projects) we also provide Advanced Technological Services (Technological Consultancy and Advisory Services and Innovation Plans, among others), Lab Testing and Technological Dissemination Services.

GAIKER has an approximate staff of 130 researchers, technicians and other professionals and the most cutting-edge equipment to offer the innovative and high-quality solutions for our clients' technological needs. We have historically supported over 2,000 businesses as clients coming from a wide variety of industrial sectors: Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Industry, Human and Animal Health, Engineering and Consultancy, Public Administration, Automotive, Construction, Containers and Packaging, Household Appliances, etc.

Since 1997 our management follows the European EFQM Model. We take special care of this issue because we understand that excellent management policy results in the optimisation of our own resources while enabling us to offer our clients better services, products and higher quality standards. Our long list of Accreditations and Certifications guarantees the quality of the work we carry out.

GAIKER is a Technological Centre with the mission of contributing to sustainable technological development and the improvement of competitiveness in the corporate fabric of our environment through Applied Research and the generation of Innovative Technological Solutions that add value to companies within a framework of social responsibility and cooperation with other agents.

The key ideas reflected in our Mission are:

  • Applied Research that contributes recognisable value to the corporate fabric of our environment.
  • Results orientation, to generate innovative technological solutions.
  • Improvement of competitiveness and contribution to technological development.
  • Social responsibility. Sustainability.
  • Cooperation with other agents.

GAIKER is acknowledged as a technological ally for the value it contributes to its strategic fields of scientific and technological specialisation, fruit of a decided stake in innovation and technological development applying the integrated capabilities of a committed human resources team.

GAIKER builds its strategy upon its commitment to Society in the natural collaboration framework of the Basque Science and Technology Network, to become an effective instrument in the development of the Industrial Plans and Policies of administrative institutions.

GAIKER orients its activities to the achievement of results with the maximum efficiency, taking account of the needs and expectations of its interest groups.

The key ideas reflected in our Vision are:

  • Technological ally contributing value to companies.
  • Specific strategic fields for scientific and technological specialisation.
  • Committed human resources team.
  • Effective instrument in the development of the Industrial Plans and Policies of administrative institutions.
  • Commitment to Society
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in the management

Our Stakeholders:

  • Trustees and Members of the Foundation.
  • Society and Public Administrations.
  • Market and Customers.
  • University and Research Organisations.
  • Coopetitors
  • HR. and Organisation.