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  • Portable Gas Analyzers

  • Gasmet - Model DX4000 - Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer

    Gasmet - Model DX4000 - Portable FTIR Gas Analyzer

    Gasmet DX4000 is portable FTIR gas analyzer for applications where multiple gas compounds need to be accurately monitored in hot & humid sample gas. It is the world’s smallest FTIR emissions monitoring system.

  • Gasmet - Portable Sampling System

    Gasmet - Portable Sampling System

    The Gasmet portable sampling system has been designed for portable emission monitoring measurements. It can be used for measuring trace concentrations of pollutants in wet, corrosive gas streams. The sample gas can be measured undiluted and without drying since the sample pump, heated filter and valve are all located in a module that is heated to 180 ºC. From the Sampling System the gases can be directed into Gasmet FTIR gas analyzer. The...

  • Gasmet - Portable Gas Calibrator

    Gasmet - Portable Gas Calibrator

    Gasmet portable calibrator is one of the most important tools in generating new applications for the Gasmet FTIR gas analyzer. The calibrator incorporates a syringe pump, a manual needle valve, a mass flow meter, and a stainless-steel injection chamber. The syringe pump injects precise amounts of liquid or gas into a hot nitrogen gas flow, thus producing a continuous flow of a known concentration calibration gas.