Manufacturer of customized water formulations for coffee, tea and bakery products. Developer of `coffee water` for Starbucks and ALL other specialized coffee shops worldwide. GC water mimics any water for any use including distilled spirits. Patented formulation process for duplicating existing waters or creating specific blends for product enhancement. Want better coffee, tea, bread, pancakes or spirits you need GC water`s customized water blends. Manufacturer of plug and play systems for over 30+ years. Developed Starbucks water formulation 30+ years ago, Peet`s Coffee, Intelligensia Coffee. Developed world wide standard for specialty coffee cupping labs. Wrote the book `Water Quality Handbook` for SCAA establishing water standards for specialty coffee.

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20 Opportunity Road , Camdenton , MO 65020 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)

With over 25 years of experience working with some of the most recognizable names in the industry, GC Water knows how to make the process of converting to formulated water painless and profitable for your business.
Water makes up 98% of a brewed beverage. Whether that simple fact is a problem or an opportunity for your business depends entirely on the quality of the water that winds up in the cup you serve your customer. Fortunately, water is a variable you can control, with help from the specialists at GC Water.
The Formulated Water Advantage Coffee and tea experts agree that properly formulated water, with a mineral profile controlled to optimize the extraction and infusion process, dramatically improves the flavor and appeal of a brewed beverage. It also protects your investment in expensive brewing equipment by eliminating the scaling and corrosion caused by excessive minerals in unformulated water. That's why some of the most successful coffee and tea vendors in the industry have proprietary formulas for their brewing water, formulas devised and delivered by GC Water.
Solutions Tailored to Your Business With a customized water solution from GC Water, you can guarantee that a cup of your specialty coffee or tea will always taste the way you want it to taste, whether it was brewed in Boston or Beijing, Seattle or Singapore. From single shop locations with substandard brewing water, to chains with hundreds of shops juggling hundreds of different water profiles, GC Water provides customized water solutions that deliver the finest, most consistent beverages, cup after cup.
Five Steps to Superior Results

  1. The process starts with an analysis of your current water profile using state-of-the-art science. GC Water provides this service free, with no obligation, to prospective customers.
  2. GC Water works with you to determine the water formulation that meets your most exacting requirements for flavor and brewing conditions.
  3. We make system recommendations based on what it would take to convert your current water profile to your ideal water profile at each of your locations.
  4. GC Water technical support can walk you through installation and can maintain your equipment through a national service network of expert technicians.
  5. You enjoy the bottom line benefits of serving your customers a superior beverage time after time after time.