Gefran S.p.A.

Gefran S.p.A.

Fifty years of experience and know-how, a customer-based organization, and constant technological innovation make Gefran a leader in automation components and industrial process control systems. Gefran Soluzioni offers services such as consulting, design and production of automation equipment, and electrical panels to control industrial processes and machines. With over 15,000 machines installed and know-how for scores of applications, Gefran Soluzioni has time-tested expertise and offers its customers (both OEMs and final users) advanced machine and process control solutions. The main markets for Gefran Soluzioni’s services are plastics and metal processing, sheet cutting, air and water treatment, and heat treatment. Gefran Group is based in Italy, has approximately 900 employees worldwide, operates directly in 14 countries and has 8 manufacturing plants. With a network of over 70 authorised distributors the company is able to count on a global sales network.

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Via Sebina, 74 , Provaglio d`Iseo (BS) , 25050 Italy

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Experience at Your Service

Gefran Soluzioni works on many markets and proposes innovative solutions by following and anticipating market trends, which generates significant advantages in terms of productivity, updating of production processes, and optimization of costs.

Gefran Soluzioni’s experts build and assemble equipment and on-board devices.

Just Like Your Technical Office

Gefran Soluzioni works with you to find the best solution for your application. Devices are studied and designed with the finest and most advanced instruments on the market, such as Eplan P8 and Pro Panel, Spac Automazione, Autocad, and 2D/3D mechanical design.

Based on customer specifications, our software designers can develop applications for automation, HMI, supervision, and process control on Gefran platforms or with top market producers.

Production Process Control

Gefran Soluzioni’s thorough knowledge of the components developed in Gefran’s Business Units, where every component is designed, engineered, and produced, is a key advantage in its use and application of solutions based on Gefran products.

For the customer, this is a guarantee of the quality of the components, which can be customized according to his needs.

Gefran Soluzioni's Services
  • Mechanical design of boards, including thermal sizing of equipment
  • Electrical design, sizing, and electrical diagrams
  • Design and compilation of hmi and plc software
  • Building of equipment (electrical panels)
  • Inspection, testing, and safety checks
  • On-board wiring
  • Commissioning at the customer’s plant
  • After-sales service throughout the world

Gefran Soluzioni has always guaranteed the quality of its products and services by means of a Quality Management System in conformity to UNI EN ISO 9001 directives (BSI FM608910 certificate).

Work and test processes are organized according to procedures that are regularly updated and followed by personnel through every design and production stage of the supply. Our suppliers are carefully evaluated, and the performance and requisites of their products are checked before use.

Specialized personnel inspect and test the prepared equipment and software, ensuring that every component is checked in the factory and, if necessary, at the customer’s plant.

In addition to technical documentation and instruction manuals, all components are delivered complete with inspection and safety test reports and Declarations of Conformity.

Gefran Soluzioni designs, builds, and certifies equipment in conformity to international standards, including for the North American market (United States and Canada) because it is authorized to certify manufactured products according to the UL 508A standard.

Gefran has always guaranteed its customers high-quality, reliable products that conform to standards, as demonstrated by its quality, factory, and product quality certifications.

All of Gefran’s certifications are listed below: you may read or download them at no charge.

Our reason to exist is to support customers in improving the performance of their technological processes, ensuring continuity, care, and sustainably maximising value.

With passion, energy and expertise in technology and innovation, we provide effective and targeted responses in the fields of industrial automation - measurement, regulation and control - and power electronics.

We produce and protect proprietary technologies that enable us to maintain our promise of reliability and quality, combining the values of a family run company with an international management structure, which we are proud of.