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  • Silt Turbidity Curtain

  • Turbidity Barriers

    Turbidity Barriers

    Turbidity Barriers, also known as turbidity curtains, silt barriers, and silt curtains in the industry are designed specifically to contain and control the dispersion of floating turbidity and silt in a water body related to marine construction, pile driving, site work (stormwater sheetflow) and dredging activities. Turbidity or suspended solids in water have far reaching effects on our favorite fishing hole, diving reef or swimming area. Silt...

  • Model Type 1 - Silt Barrier Turbidity Curtain

    Model Type 1 - Silt Barrier Turbidity Curtain

    The Type 1 Silt Barrier is designed specifically for silt and turbidity control in calm waters such as swales, canals, small ponds, lakes and harbors.The silt curtain is ideal for use along Roadways for Department of Transportation D.O.T. projects and meet and exceed state requirement.

  • Model Type 3 - Silt Turbidity Curtain

    Model Type 3 - Silt Turbidity Curtain

    Type III Silt Barrier is a tough silt curtain which is designed specifically for silt control in rivers, inter-coastal waterways, bays and harbors. These rough water floating silt curtain is ideal for demanding applications whether dredging contaminated sediments or demolishing bridges.

  • Dredging Barge Silt Turbidity Curtain

    Dredging Barge Silt Turbidity Curtain

    Our Dredge Barge Silt Curtain is a unique system that allows a turbidity barrier to be mounted to the side of dredging barge providing localized turbidity control. This unique curtain system allows for mechanical clamshell dredging or controlled material placement without the suspended solids concerns.

  • Safety Cabinets

  • Safety Cabinet - Chemical, Flammable, & Drum Storage

    Safety Cabinet - Chemical, Flammable, & Drum Storage

    Chemical storage in a Safety Cabinet is required by OSHA to meet Federal and State guidelines for storing flammable or hazardous liquids. Our Jamco safety flammable cabinet range are perfect for the storage of cans, oilers, paint, pesticides, ink and drums.

  • Blue Safety Storage Cabinet For Acid And Corrosive Storage

    Blue Safety Storage Cabinet For Acid And Corrosive Storage

    Blue Safety Storage Cabinet, perfect for acid storage and corrosive chemicals storage. Safety Cabinet is made of 18 gauge steel, with flush mount handles standard. We stock flammable safety cabinets and are ready to ship. Meets OSHA standards.

  • Red Chemical Storage Cabinet

    Red Chemical Storage Cabinet

    Red chemical storage cabinet for paint storage, as ink safety cabinet, and flammable chemicals. Flammable cabinets meet OSHA and NFPA code 30 standards. Easily stores paint cans for compliance. Safety cabinet provides leak proof, and flush mount locking handles standard. 3 cabinet types available, manual close, self close, and bi-fold door.

  • Yellow Flammable Safety Cabinets For Can Storage

    Yellow Flammable Safety Cabinets For Can Storage

    Yellow safety cabinet for safe chemical storage. Spill containment is made easy with our line of flammable safety cabinets. Cabinets store from 6 to 120 gallons. Flammable cabinet is OSHA, NFPA 30 code and UFC 79 compliant - class I, II and III. Perfect for flammable liquid storage.

  • Drum Storage Cabinet

    Drum Storage Cabinet

    Drum storage cabinet for safe and secure drum storage. Flammable cabinet meets OSHA, NFPA code 30 and UFC 79 standards. FM approved as safety cabinet. Chemical storage cabinets easy store one or two drums.

  • Spill Containment

  • Drive-Through Berms

    Drive-Through Berms

    Our Spill Fast BermTM Drive-Thru Berms control pollution by providing a barrier between the containment or leak and the environment, ensuring your project stays in compliance with EPA Secondary Containment regulations.

  • Decontamination Pools

    Decontamination Pools

    Spill Fast BermTM Decontamination Pools, Decon Pools and Containment Pools can be used as tank containment or drum spill containment where the situation requires rapid response, convenient storage and cost effectiveness. Typical projects are emergency spill response operations, HAZMAT applications, and tank, drums and small equipment contamination storage.

  • Spill Pallet

    Spill Pallet

    Spill control pallets are constructed of polyethylene, fluoridated polyethylene, or steel. How are plastic pallets for spills be used? They are used as secondary containment and not only provide storage but also protect employees and work spaces by minimizing the results of leaks and spills.

  • Multi-Purpose Spill Berms

    Multi-Purpose Spill Berms

    Our Spill Fast Berm Spill Berms Multiple Use are ideal for projects requiring a high functionality berm by providing a barrier between the leak and the environment or storing liquids. The containment berm can be used as drive-through berms for vehicles or as tank containment for tanks, drums, industrial equipment, or tankers.

  • Spill Trays & Basins

    Spill Trays & Basins

    Our Spill Fast Berm Spill Basins are ideal to contain drums, cans, and small equipment and to collect small leaks and spills under vehicles. The tank containment and containment berm can be used for hydraulic leaks or breaks , fuel tank overspill protection, storage of chemical cans, drums,

  • Portable Tanks

  • Emergency Water Storage

    Emergency Water Storage

    Portable emergency water storage tank for drinking water (USAID, Unicef, NGO's) programs. Perfect for tsunami relief, military water aid relief, and natural disasters. Portable self supporting onion tanks (also known as blivets or pumpkin tanks), quick erect tanks (QET) and folding frame tanks as wildfire firefighting water tank. Decontamination pools, decon pools and containment pools for HAZMAT (hazardous materials) accidents.

  • Poly Tanks (Plastic Tanks - Water Storage Tank)

    Poly Tanks (Plastic Tanks - Water Storage Tank)

    Our poly plastic tanks are available in Crosslink Polyethylene or FDA approved High Density Linear Polyethylene (ANSI/NSF Standard 61). The hard poly tanks are impact and corrosion resistant and manufactured seamless as one piece construction. The perfect solution for farms, small chemical processors, spray operators and water barrels for water storage.

  • Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

    Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

    Rainwater harvesting made easy by using a collapsible tank for rainwater collection. Featuring low profiles, these tanks are the perfect way to store rainwater in tight spaces around your location.

  • Towable Bladder Tanks

    Towable Bladder Tanks

    Our Granite Environmentasl towable bladder tanks are an easy way to add capacity to oil recovery equipment used in water response situation. They are easy to deploy as floating bladder tanks in the water or can be used for additional storage capacity on land, thus being very flexible for response situations. These bladders come in a range of sizes and can be towed by a boat full or empty.

  • Trash and Debris Boom

  • HDPE Trash Boom For Litter Pollution And Floatable Debris

    HDPE Trash Boom For Litter Pollution And Floatable Debris

    HDPE trash boom, used as containment boom for floatable debris and litter pollution, caused through storm water. Perfect for rivers and lakes as floating litter water runoff prevention. Available in standard 4 feet x 4 feet panels with high impact floats.

  • Trashmesh Boom As Water Pollution Prevention

    Trashmesh Boom As Water Pollution Prevention

    Trashmesh Boom, also known as trashmesh log boom, to control floatable debris as water pollution prevention. Used to control Styrofoam pollution and debris in lakes, rivers, spillways, and reservoirs. Made from galvanized or stainless steel.

  • Floatable Trash And Debris Net Boom For Water Polution

    Floatable Trash And Debris Net Boom For Water Polution

    Floatable debris and trash net boom, used to control water polution through Styrofoam cups, aquatic plants, jelly fish, and floatable debris. Floating booms as litter pollution control and prevention for rivers and lakes. Affordable solution for stormwater departments, marinas, and power generating plants.

  • Permanent Boom For Water Pollution Solutions

    Permanent Boom For Water Pollution Solutions

    Permanent boom, perfect for floatable debris and litter pollution. Permanent floating boom can also be used for marine debris and trash control in marina oil spill containment and harbors. Great water pollution solutions tool for oil spill cleanup.

  • Floatable Debris - Debris Boom

    Floatable Debris - Debris Boom

    The debris boom is a permanent or temporary measure installed for pollution control, containment and recovery of floating trash, debris, timber, urban waste or aquatic plants. Designed to form a floating barrier around your debris laden areas, these trash booms make it easy to collect and clean items out of your water locations.

  • Spill Cleanup

  • Oil Spill Cleanup Equipment

    Oil Spill Cleanup Equipment

    Granite Environmental is a leading source of Oil Spill Cleanup Equipment. Our oil booms are designed for most climate and response situations. OPA 90 compliant oil spill containment boom, FOC boom (fast oil cleanup boom), oil absorbent boom, oil recovery skimmers, vacuum trailer units, Boom reels and response boats.

  • Oil Booms

    Oil Booms

    Our Oil Booms are most commonly used as spill-response booms. Also called oil spill containment boom, it is designed with semi-flexible internal foam flotation and a flexible fabric skirt. The Oil Booms are available in different sizes and strengths to contain spills in conditions from quiescent waters to open ocean waves.

  • Absorbents Oil Spill Clean Up Kits

    Absorbents Oil Spill Clean Up Kits

    Oil Spill Clean Up is easy with our absorbents and spill kits. Our quick wipe cleanup pads are ideal for small 5 gallon spills while fueling or making repairs and best of all economical too.

  • Oil Absorbent Pads

    Oil Absorbent Pads

    Our Oil Only (hydrocarbon) Absorbent Pads for Oil only spill cleanup are a favorite in workshops and Universal pads or Hazmat pads for chemical spills, urine or other liquids requiring rapid spill cleanup and containment. The big benefit of oil only spill pads are that they will absorb oil only leaving water behind making them an essential tool in any first responders spill kit.

  • Oil Spill Kit

    Oil Spill Kit

    Our spill kit makes Oil and Hazardous material cleanup quick and easy. Kits are available in several convenient sizes for small truck fueling spills and industrial spills. Our absorbents are a must have for any first responder and perfect for nearly any situation. Each kit has it's own drum with all the industrial absorbant required for the spill.

  • Oil Boom Fence

    Oil Boom Fence

    Our Granite Environmental Oil Fence is a great tool for oil spill response. This oil fence boom is made from durable PVC coated fabric with top cable acting as a tension member to secure it to the posts anchored in calm and shallow water conditions.

  • GEI  - Absorbent Boom

    GEI - Absorbent Boom

    Our GEI absorbent boom is is made for spill cleanup to skim or absorb oil and liquid applications and available in a five inch and 8 inch version. Perfect for cleanup of oil and other hazmat liquids in marshes, wetlands, bayous, and near shore ocean environments.

  • GEI Absorbent Rolls

    GEI Absorbent Rolls

    Our GEI absorbent rolls are a great economical solution to have a large quantity of absorbent pads on hand. The absorbent roll can be cut to length to suit the spill size. Made of polypropylene fibers, these absorbing rolls are used for marine and land oil spills. Great for spill applications where easy collection of hydrocarbon spills in water ways is the goal.

  • Oil Spill Cleanup Skimmers

    Oil Spill Cleanup Skimmers

    Oil spill cleanup skimmers for recovery of crude oil, vegetable oil, fats, grease and oil sheen. Our range of oil spill recovery skimmers are available with disc, brush or drum technology. Oil recovery skimmers are widely used in industrial lagoons, sumps, harbors, ports and spill clean up operations. Each oil skimmer varies in recovery rate, water operating conditions capability, physical size and weight. Units can be powered by hydraulic diesel,...

  • Tar Balls Net

    Tar Balls Net

    Our GEI tar balls net for oil spill cleanup applications is a floating system and can be deployed easily. This tarball net system allows sand to drop through and has the intent to capture tar balls over a specific size.

  • Tarpaulins & Covers

  • Tarpaulins and Covers

    Tarpaulins and Covers

    We manufacture a wide variety of Tarpaulins and Covers for nearly any application. We specialize in custom Industrial Equipment Covers and provide tarpaulins for trucks, equipment covers, trailers, sports fields, daily trash and soil piles, shade covers and more. Our tarpaulins are made to order from durable, light weight reinforced coated fabrics and available in a variety of colors to suit your needs.

  • Dewatering

  • Dewatering Bag

    Dewatering Bag

    Our Dewatering-Bag and Sediment filter bags are ideal for pumping sediment laden water into where it is filtered and the water passes through the non-woven geotextile, which retains the sediment and oil too!. Sewn with multiple seams, these dewatering bags are made from a durable geotextile filtration fabric. The Granite Environmental silt bag can accommodate up to a 4” pipe in the hose sock.  If you are pumping into a dumpster or on the ground, this...

  • Geotextile Dewatering Tubes

    Geotextile Dewatering Tubes

    Geotextile Dewatering Tubes in action  Geotextile Dewatering Tubes, Also referred to as Sludge Tubes, Geo-Tubes (short for geotextile), Dewatering Tubes, are ideal for filtering materials on projects and are used extensively on Water Treatment projects (WWTP’s), agricultural ponds, aquaculture facilities, pulp and paper mills and numerous industrial lagoons for consolidation of media.To treat a specific sludge or slurry stream the usage of...

  • Erosion Control

  • Coir/Geotextiles - Geosynthetics and Liners

    Coir/Geotextiles - Geosynthetics and Liners

    Granite Environmental offers a wide variety of Geotextile, geomembrane, geosynthetics and pond liners. These are permeable and impermeable engineered fabrics, which, when used in association with soil and rock, have the ability to separate, filter water, reinforce the ground and stop erosion.

  • Geomembrane Liners

    Geomembrane Liners

    Granite Geomembrane Liners are impermeable membranes used widely as cut-offs and liners. Until recent years, liners were used mostly as pond liners; however, one of the largest current applications is to the containment of hazardous or municipal wastes and their leachates.

  • Geogrids


    Granite geogrids are engineered meshes that are typically made up of a regular pattern of fairly rigid types of plastic. These nets or meshes are used to strengthen fill materials in geotechnical applications. They are designed specifically to reinforce, and permit heavy construction on sites with weak soils, eliminating most other foundation and/or soil stabilization work.

  • Weathering and Erosion

    Weathering and Erosion

    Weathering and erosion are closely related concepts. As weathering occurs, breaking up the rock, it can be transported through erosion. There are two categories of weathering processes: Physical and Chemical. Although they are two very different processes, they work together to break down rocks and minerals.

  • Causes of Soil Erosion

    Causes of Soil Erosion

    The causes of soil erosion can be broken down into two main categories: Erosion by Water and Erosion by Wind. Although soil erosion is a natural occurrence on all land, there are certain factors that call accelerate the erosion making it more noticeable and problematic. With the help of products like coir mats, woven geotextiles, and non-woven geotextiles to assist in the growth of vegetation, the problem itself can erode away.

  • River Bank Erosion

    River Bank Erosion

    River bank erosion occurs both naturally and through human impact. Rivers and streams are dynamic systems as they are constantly changing. The natural process of riverbank erosion can produce favorable outcomes such as the formation of productive floodplains and alluvial terraces. Even stable rivers have some amount of erosion occurring, however, unstable rivers and the erosion taking place on those banks are a cause for concern. To learn more, visit...

  • Wind Erosion

    Wind Erosion

    Wind erosion is the main source of erosion in areas with arid climates. This can occur in two main ways: deflation and abrasion. Deflation moves particulates (dust) from one area to another. Abrasion occurs when the moving particulates come in contact with solid object.

  • Water Erosion

    Water Erosion

    Water erosion comes in several different forms with various causes. No matter the differences, each form can be impacted by humans both negatively and positively. While the causes of erosion by water are generally natural, human impact will always play a role. It's becomes our job to assure it is a positive one. If you are interested in increasing your erosion knowledge, check out the Erosion Control Online Journal to stay up to date with erosion...

  • Coastal Erosion

    Coastal Erosion

    Coastal Erosion is a natural occurrence on exposed and sheltered coasts alike. Currents, waves, and sea level changes directly affect erosion on the coast. While we as humans can contribute to the problem, we also can do our part to prevent it and restore our shorelines.

  • Beach Erosion

    Beach Erosion

    Beach Erosion has become a household name around the world as it continues as a growing problem. Whether the shore is sheltered or exposed currents, waves, and sea level change play a major role in the causes of this erosion type. One solution is 'beach restoration (beach nourishment)'. However, this is not only a temporary solution, but it is also a controversial subject. Sand must be trucked in from other sources and filtered for sediment. This...

  • Soil Erosion Control

    Soil Erosion Control

    Soil erosion control can be a daunting task when there are so many causes. Understanding the erosion process as well as the possible solutions or preventative measures allows you to confidently take control of the problem. Erosion is the process of weathering and transport of solids (soil) from their original source to somewhere else. This process takes many forms. Soil can be transported by wind, water, ice, downslope creep (gravity), or even living...

  • Water Treatment

  • Water Baffle

    Water Baffle

    The custom Water Baffle are used in Industrial and Municipal waster water treament (WWTP) process plants to control the waste water stream to achieve improved BOD, lower TSS and thermal control exchange in the water treatment plants. Our flow control baffles extend treatment times and improve overall water quality.

  • Bins

  • Bins - 180o Stack And Nest Containers

    Bins - 180o Stack And Nest Containers

    180o Stack and Nest Containers, used as mobile and economy bins. Plastic boxes, nest totes, stack totes are used as modular stacking in primary colors. Ideal for extreme climates, part storage, shipping and handling. Quick ship available.

  • Bins - 12` and 18` Bin Systems

    Bins - 12` and 18` Bin Systems

    Bin systems from Akrobins by Akro-Mils for stock, parts, components, and assembly storage. Bins and bin boxes available as storage units in yellow, red, blue, and green for easy sorting. Stop using flimsy cardboard boxes and save money.

  • Commercial and Industrial Incinerators

  • Solid Waste Incinerators

    Solid Waste Incinerators

    Granite Environmental solid waste incinerators provide a safe and effective solution for solid waste disposal in environmentally sensitive and remote locations. Incineration is a waste treatment technology for the controlled combustion of waste organic material and substances. Our company has four models for commercial and industrial waste incineration available.

  • Model A 1.0 - Solid Waste Incinerator Thermal Oxidizer

    Model A 1.0 - Solid Waste Incinerator Thermal Oxidizer

    This incinerator equipment, GEI model A 1.0, is built as a solid waste thermal oxidizer system. The modular, multiple chambered with controlled air A 1.0 incinerator is perfect for the unique demands of mixed composition of solid waste disposal.

  • Model A 0.5 - Animal Waste Incinerators: Solid Waste Thermal Oxidizer System

    Model A 0.5 - Animal Waste Incinerators: Solid Waste Thermal Oxidizer System

    GEI animal waste incinerators model A 0.5 are designed to use weight saving refractory materials for simplified installation and ease in future maintenance. Our A 0.5 incinerator is a modular, multi-chambered, controlled air, solid-waste thermal oxidizer system. Making for an environmentally safe stack exhaust to atmosphere, this incinerator’s advanced design includes a cyclonic secondary combustion chamber that provides superior turbulent...

  • Model A 165 - Incinerator System For Pathological Waste: Pathological Crematory System

    Model A 165 - Incinerator System For Pathological Waste: Pathological Crematory System

    This incinerator system for pathological waste, GEI model A 165 pathological crematory system has been designed with a hot hearth, multi-chambered, controlled air spec for efficiency. Featuring the hot hearth design and mazed secondary combustion chamber provides advanced turbulent thermal oxidation of combustion gases with a 2 second retention capacity. Additionally, this system is designed with a hydraulic actuated guillotine charging/clean-out door...

  • Marine Accessories

  • Light Floating Marker 50

    Light Floating Marker 50

    Granite Environmental Light Floating Marker 50 is a flashing marker light. It is perfect for oil spill cleanup projects and made for use with oil containment and debris booms, turbidity control curtains, or as a marker for anchor lines and other marine based operations. Our floating marker light is manufactured of durable PVC material and has an overall height of 50 inch. 26 of the 50 inch is exposed above the water line. The ballast part is filled in...

  • Steel Tanks

  • Mobile Storage Tanks

    Mobile Storage Tanks

    Our Highland Mobile Storage Tanks are an ideal solution for commercial and industrial transport of fluids between off-road sites. With lap-welded steel construction and heavy duty forged fittings, our mobile tanks are a practical way to transport any Class III combustible liquid.

  • Hot Water Tanks

    Hot Water Tanks

    Highland Hot Water Tanks are ASME code certified for use in commercial and industrial applications where a constant supply of hot water is desired. Water can be heated and stored in the water holding tank during periods of low demand and will then be available for use when demand for hot water is higher, allowing for efficient use of energy while providing hot water when needed.

  • Hopper Series Tanks

    Hopper Series Tanks

    Combining above ground storage with a low profile, secondary containment design, the Highland Aboveground Hopper series provides a safe and economical solution for storage of fuel, oil, antifreeze and waste solvents in commercial and industrial applications.

  • HighDRO - Fire Protection Tanks

    HighDRO - Fire Protection Tanks

    Our Fire Protection Above Ground Water Storage Tanks are an integral part of fire protection systems for residential, commercial and institutional facilities. In emergency fire fighting situations, the demand for water can exceed the supply available from the domestic water line. This is especially true for suburban or rural areas served from a well with limited delivery capability. Above ground water storage tanks, above ground water storage tanks...

  • HighDRO  - Wastewater Storage Tank and Gray Water Treatment Systems

    HighDRO - Wastewater Storage Tank and Gray Water Treatment Systems

    Our Highland HighDRO Underground Water Storage Tanks and Greywater Treatment Systems are the ideal choice for wastewater storage systems for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications that are responsible for storage and disposal of their own liquid waste. underground water storage tanks, water storage tanks underground, underground storage tanks water Wastewater Storage Tanks The 'tight tank' design combines carbon steel...

  • HighDRO - Modular Rainwater Systems

    HighDRO - Modular Rainwater Systems

    Rainwater Collection Tanks HighDRO Rainwater Systems by Highland Tank An all-inclusive water recovery system, combining HighDRO rainwater collection tanks, pumps and filtration into a self-contained unit, the HighDRO Modular Rainwater System is the perfect solution for new construction or building renovation projects seeking to secure green building credits for water use reduction.

  • HighDRO - Rainwater Storage Tank and Harvesting System

    HighDRO - Rainwater Storage Tank and Harvesting System

    Our Highland HighDRO Rain Water Storage Tank and Harvesting systems are the ideal solution for commercial applications seeking to increase water efficiency by taking advantage of renewable resources. Rainwater harvesting and reuse is economical, environmentally friendly and can earn valuable LEED points (internationally recognized green building certification system).

  • HighDRO - Potable Water Storage Tank

    HighDRO - Potable Water Storage Tank

    Effective and economical, the HighDRO Potable Water Storage Tank is perfect for potable (drinking water) storage for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential installations. potable water storage tank, steel potable water storage tanks, water storage tanks The water storage tank combines high-strength steel construction with the HighDRO Liner Plus composite water storage liner for long-term quality and dependability. Constructed with...

  • Oil & Sediment Catch Basin Guards - The Ultimate Drain Guard

    Oil & Sediment Catch Basin Guards - The Ultimate Drain Guard

    These catch basin inserts bring stormwater management to the next level by working to block not only sediment and grease, but also to address problem of bacteria, fungi, and more.Like other UltraTech drain guards, these ultimate drain guards go directly into the drain to catch oil and sediment before it enters the system. 

  • Silt Dike

    Silt Dike

    A triangular silt dike from UltraTech can be an economical way to control erosion and prevent sediment from polluting stormwater runoff.

  • Nonwoven Geotextiles

  • Nonwoven Geotextiles GT110

    Nonwoven Geotextiles GT110

    Civil Nonwoven Geotextile for Erosion Control, Separation and Underlayment. Erosion control mats act as separators between two layers of soil that have different physical properties (density, consistency, distribution, or grain size). They also prevents fine particle migration. The soil becomes compact, which creates a stable environment for construction and vegetation growth.

  • Nonwoven Geotextiles GT135

    Nonwoven Geotextiles GT135

    Civil nonwoven geotextile for drainage and filtration. Our nonwoven geotextiles provide a medium for filtration and drainage when stabilizing soil. They retain fine particles when water passes from fine to coarse-grained soil layers. They provide permanent mechanical and hydraulic filter stability and also facilitates drainage and gas venting.

  • Model GT140 - Nonwoven Geotextiles

    Model GT140 - Nonwoven Geotextiles

    Civil nonwoven geotextile for drainage and filtration. A geotextile nonwoven fabric's functions are to filter and drain. It will retain fine particles as water passes through and provide permanent mechanical and hydraulic filter stability. It will also facilitate drainage and gas venting.

  • Model GT142 - Nonwoven Geotextiles

    Model GT142 - Nonwoven Geotextiles

    Civil nonwoven geotextile for drainage and filtration. Geotextile Filter Fabric retains fine particles when water passes from fine to coarse-grained soil layers. It offers permanent mechanical and hydraulic filter stability for the operating period and also facilitates drainage and gas venting.

  • Nonwoven Geotextiles GT160

    Nonwoven Geotextiles GT160

    Civil nonwoven geotextile for drainage and filtration. Nonwoven Geotextile Filter Fabric has two basic functions: filtration and drainage. As water passes from a layer of fine-grained soil to a coarse-grained soil, the fabric acts as a filter, retaining fine particles. It provides permanent mechanical and hydraulic filter stability and also facilitates drainage and gas venting.

  • Nonwoven Geotextiles GT170

    Nonwoven Geotextiles GT170

    Civil nonwoven geotextiles for drainage and filtration. A non woven geotextile acts as a filter and a drain for the soil it covers. Water passes through and the fabric retains fine particles so the soil layers do not mix. It also provides permanent mechanical and hydraulic filter stability and facilitates drainage and gas venting.

  • Model GT180 - Nonwoven Geotextiles

    Model GT180 - Nonwoven Geotextiles

    Civil nonwoven geotextile for separation and underlayment. Erosion Control material effectively separates two layers of soil that have differing physical properties (grain size distribution, consistency, density) and prevents fine particles under stress from migrating. This compacts the soil creating a stable environment for vegetation growth or construction.

  • Woven Geotextiles

  • Model W100 - Silt Fence / Woven Geotextiles

    Model W100 - Silt Fence / Woven Geotextiles

    Silt fence fabric is used to temporarily control sediment, especially on slopes and hills. As water travels downhill, the sediment will remain within the parameters of the fence, protecting nearby areas from erosion and pollution.

  • Woven Geotextiles W180

    Woven Geotextiles W180

    Woven geotextile for stabilization and separation. Woven geo textiles primary functions are to separate and stabilize soil. They permanently prevent the mixing of two materials, like soft sand and stone. As they reinforce the ground, soil quality is improved, which increases structural stability.

  • Model W200 - Woven Geotextiles

    Model W200 - Woven Geotextiles

    Woven Geotextile for Stabilization and Separation. The W 200 Woven Geotextile separates and stabilizes soil. When placed between two mediums, it permanently prevents mixing. As it reinforces the soil , the quality of the soil is improved and it increases structural stability.

  • Model W250 - Woven Geotextiles

    Model W250 - Woven Geotextiles

    Woven geotextile for stabilization and separation. The main functions of geotextile W250 is to separate and stabilize soil. It permanently prevents mixing when placed between two mediums. Why is this important? As the fabric reinforces the soil, it improves the soil quality and increases structural stability.

  • Model W300 - Woven Geotextiles

    Model W300 - Woven Geotextiles

    Woven geotextile for stabilisation and separation. Geotextiles woven fabric's primary functions include stabilisation and separation. When placed between two mediums, it permanently prevents the mixing of those two materials. The soil quality is improved, which increases structural stability.

  • Stormwater Management & BMP Construction Compliance

  • Stormwater Solutions

    Stormwater Solutions

    These stormwater solutions are designed to help you prevent stormwater pollution that might occur from various parts of your site. To make the process of stormwater management easier, a large variety of products are offered under different categories so you can choose the one that best fits your prevention needs and requirements.

  • Curb Guard Inserts

    Curb Guard Inserts

    A curb guard is an easy way to protect curb inlets from contamination due to sediment, oils, and more. This drain protector from UltraTech is made from X-Tex material which is designed to separate oils from water.

  • Curb Drain Silt Guard

    Curb Drain Silt Guard

    Need to protect curb inlets from contaminated stormwater? The curb drain silt guard is designed to block sediments commonly found in stormwater runoff, without causing pooling or flooding of water.

  • Stormwater Drain Guard

    Stormwater Drain Guard

    This stormwater drain guard functions as a catch basin that can be inserted into a storm drain to block sediments and other pollutants from entering a water system.

  • Drain Catch Basin

    Drain Catch Basin

    This drain catch basin is designed for use in a combination drain that includes both the street grate and a curb opening.

  • Catch Basin Filter Guard

    Catch Basin Filter Guard

    This economical catch basin filter is made entirely out of Ultra Tech's X-Tex material. This 100% recycled material is designed to absorb oils and hydrocarbons while still allowing clean water to flow through.

  • Plastic Catch Basin

    Plastic Catch Basin

    A reusable plastic catch basin can be an effective solution for easily filtering out sediment, sand, and soil from stormwater before it enters the water inside the drain.

  • Street Drain Covers

    Street Drain Covers

    Designed with two layers, the top is made of reinforced PVC, while the bottom layer is made of urethane. When combined, the top layer provides strength to withstanding long exposure to UV rays, while the bottom layer fully prevents spills and other contaminants from entering the drain.

  • Storm Drain Cover

    Storm Drain Cover

    This unique storm drain cover is designed with two layers of polyurethane that are capable of resisting oil, chemicals, pollutants and more. In between these layers is a reinforcing mesh that adds to its strength and prevents tearing.

  • Storm Drain Grate Guard

    Storm Drain Grate Guard

    A storm drain grate guard is an easy solution for cleaning stormwater runoff that has been polluted by contaminants such as sediment and oil.

  • Gravel Bag Drain Guards

    Gravel Bag Drain Guards

    These classic drain guards come in the form of a durable gravel bag that will offer you a quick and proven method for controlling sediment and erosion.

  • Grate Catch Basin Guard

    Grate Catch Basin Guard

    This grate catch basin guard will install quickly to the top of any drain to provide you with quality filtering of stormwater runoff before it enters any water system.

  • Curb Gutter Guard

    Curb Gutter Guard

    A curb gutter guard is an easy way to protect drains on curb inlets from being polluted with debris and sediment from stormwater runoff.

  • Curb Drain Guard

    Curb Drain Guard

    Need to protect your curb inlets? This curb drain guard can be an easy and reliable way to block curb drains from harmful pollutants.

  • Storm Drain Covers

    Storm Drain Covers

    Need storm drain covers that are strong and effective? These inlet guards from UltraTech are manufactured with reinforced materials that can withstand large flows of water.

  • Stormwater Drain Berms

    Stormwater Drain Berms

    These berms for storm water drains are flexible barriers that will bend and turn to form almost any shape, providing you with a boundary that exactly fits the shape of your drain.