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  • Portable Tanks

  • Emergency Water Storage

    Emergency Water Storage

    Portable emergency water storage tank for drinking water (USAID, Unicef, NGO's) programs. Perfect for tsunami relief, military water aid relief, and natural disasters. Portable self supporting onion tanks (also known as blivets or pumpkin tanks), quick erect tanks (QET) and folding frame tanks as wildfire firefighting water tank. Decontamination pools, decon pools and containment pools for HAZMAT (hazardous materials) accidents.

  • Poly Tanks (Plastic Tanks - Water Storage Tank)

    Poly Tanks (Plastic Tanks - Water Storage Tank)

    Our poly plastic tanks are available in Crosslink Polyethylene or FDA approved High Density Linear Polyethylene (ANSI/NSF Standard 61). The hard poly tanks are impact and corrosion resistant and manufactured seamless as one piece construction. The perfect solution for farms, small chemical processors, spray operators and water barrels for water storage.

  • Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

    Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

    Rainwater harvesting made easy by using a collapsible tank for rainwater collection. Featuring low profiles, these tanks are the perfect way to store rainwater in tight spaces around your location.

  • Towable Bladder Tanks

    Towable Bladder Tanks

    Our Granite Environmentasl towable bladder tanks are an easy way to add capacity to oil recovery equipment used in water response situation. They are easy to deploy as floating bladder tanks in the water or can be used for additional storage capacity on land, thus being very flexible for response situations. These bladders come in a range of sizes and can be towed by a boat full or empty.