Gemels srl

Gemels srl

GEMELS SRL was founded in 1969 as a Company specialized in the DESIGNING and MANUFACTURING of ball valves from 1/4` up to 24`. Became a worldwide leader in industrial & hydraulic field, GEMELS since 2010 started to focalize and to invest more and more also in OIL&GAS field. In the middle of North Italy, GEMELS is located in Trescore Balneario, Bergamo, less than 50 km from Milan, with an area of more than 10.000 mq. The production area, where GEMELS produce more than 50.000 ball valves per month, consists of more than 40 machines including automatic numerical controlled machines and semi-automatic ones, among which CNC, lathes, transfers, boring machines, machining centers etc. These technologies and the high qualified personnel help GEMELS achieve the quality standards and excellence, obtaining the required technical characteristics and being trustworthy in the field.

Company details

Via Gambirasio, 20/22 , Trescore Balneario (Bergamo) , 24069 Italy

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)

Vision & Mission
  • The excellence in quality, our company’s true and personal mission towards the continuous innovation and improvement on every front, that allows us to work with sectors and clients of high position and importance.
  • Reach the goal together with developing personally and professionally our partners and preserving a safe andfriendly environment.
  • To be proud to present our company founded on solid and honest grounds that succeeded to expand at international level and become a worldwide leader in ball valves production.
  • Transmit to our partners every year new and more reliable products offering various, technologically advanced and Lean solutions for any application.
  • Propose the best quality-price ratio in a competitive market in continuous renewal.
  • Share the principals of continuous improvement and the experience that Gemels pursues for our products to our partners.

The principles of TPS (Toyota production system) are the basis of GEMELS philosophy, based on lean production, on 5S, on excellence in quality and on a process of continuous improvement (kaizen 改善).Thanks to these strong believes, GEMELS has specialized over the years in the design and manufacture of valves for special & critical applications, providing customers with lean solutions and customized valves. Thanks to the rigorous study of advanced and innovative solutions, GEMELS also obtained 2 patents in Italy and Europe.