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Services by General Oceanics Inc.

  • Stream Gauging Services

    Stream Gauging Services

    GOES offers stream gauging services including site selection, data collection, calibration and rating curve development, discharge measurements. Results are used for stream gauging, velocity mapping, hydraulic modeling environmental compliance and flow studies. We have performed hundreds of Acoustic Doppler current profiles (ADCP) measurements.

  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) Services

    Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) Services

    GOES is a trusted vendor for installation and service of environmental sensors and automation. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of environmental sensors primarily in the south Florida area. These sensors provide real time data for SCADA operations. We integrate various types of software and sensors to automate the process of monitoring and controlling your environmental system processes. Our services allow you to save time and money...

  • Comprehensive Management Programs Services

    Comprehensive Management Programs Services

    A comprehensive plan assures that the whole eco-system of the lake, river or watershed area is addressed, including survey and control of native and non-native aquatic plants, lake water quality, and watershed impacts. Detailed surveys and testing assure an in-depth understanding of all the environmental factors, regular monitoring detects changes, and treatment plans are put in effect when necessary. Stakeholder participation and education is a...

  • Diagnostic / Feasibility Studies

    Diagnostic / Feasibility Studies

    We can diagnose and make plans to correct specific lake and watershed problems on a case by case basis, as well as providing overall lake management services. For example, if a lake is suffering from toxic algae blooms, we can search for sources of nutrients that are to isolate those nutrients or counteract their effects.

  • Grant Writing Services

    Grant Writing Services

    GO Environmental Services can help you get the financial resources you need for your lake, river and watershed management projects. Our scientific knowledge and credentials have enabled us to research and write successful applications for grants from federal, state and municipal programs, including ………., and totalling more than $…….

  • Water Quality Monitoring Services

    Water Quality Monitoring Services

    Effective lake, river and watershed management requires understanding the chemical, physical, and biological parameters of the water and tracking changes over time. GO Environmental Services can establish a regular monitoring program.

  • Aquatic Plant & Habitat Surveys

    Aquatic Plant & Habitat Surveys

    Effective lake management requires a comprehensive knowledge of of the existing habitat and regular tracking of changes. Surveys are vital for determining broad changes to native plant species composition and detecting nuisance species.

Services by Ion Science Ltd.

  • Service & Support

    Service & Support

    Need to return an instrument for service or calibration? No problem. Our qualified engineers are on hand to provide you with the repair, maintenance and calibration of your instrument with fast turnaround.

Services by S.E. International Inc.

  • Calibration Service

    Calibration Service

    We recommend your instrument be calibrated annually from the date it was placed in service, but certain industries or applications may require them more frequently. Please, send only SE International's detectors for calibration. We no longer calibrate third party instrumentation.

  • Repairs


    In the unlikely event that our technical support has determined your instrument is in need of an upgrade or repair, please contact your local distributor or send your instrument to:

Services by Cirrus Research plc

  • In-House Service & Calibration

    In-House Service & Calibration

    Traceable calibration for sound level meters, noise monitors, vibration meters and acoustic calibrators. Cirrus Research offers a world-class service for instruments from all manufacturers. Maintaining the accuracy of your noise and vibration instruments is essential in order to protect people from the risks excessive exposure can pose. Cirrus Research offers a world-class calibration service that is so much more than a simple field calibration that...

  • Vibration Meter Calibration Services

    Vibration Meter Calibration Services

    Calibration for sound level meters, vibration meters and acoustic calibrators. Cirrus’ UKAS-accredited calibration service offers a world-class service for instruments from all manufacturers.

  • Acoustic Consultancy & Noise Analysis Services

    Acoustic Consultancy & Noise Analysis Services

    You may find that alongside the purchase of equipment and training, you want someone who already has the right knowledge and experience to undertake a detailed assessment of your noise and vibration issues. We’re already working with global airlines, major logistics companies, food manufacturers, the entertainment industry and petrochemical plants, as well as small to medium sized businesses around the world to help them with their monitoring...

Services by Waterra USA Inc.

  • Product Rentals

    Product Rentals

    Today, many companies prefer to avoid the capital expense of equipment — especially field equipment. This saves on insurance and maintenance costs. However, having the right tools always produces better results on the job and usually produces them faster as well. That's why Waterra makes some of its more popular equipment available to its customers on a rental basis.

Services by Airfiltronix Corporation

  • Tech Support Services

    Tech Support Services

    With a staff of senior technical service engineers, we ensure timely response to your service needs by working with you to resolve your concerns over the phone. If it is determined that your equipment requires repair; our team of technicians will help to resolve your service issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Services by Yamato Scientific America Inc.

  • Product Support Services

    Product Support Services

    Our technical support team is available to answer your questions, provide product advice and assist with installation and troubleshooting. Our service department offers product calibration, preventive maintenance and customization services.