General Monitors by MSA

General Monitors by MSA

General Monitors is dedicated to benefiting society through leading-edge combustible gas, toxic gas, and flame detection monitoring products of the highest quality that protect life and property. With over 50 sales representatives around the globe, we provide exceptional service and after-sales support. Combining advanced sensing technology with superior service, General Monitors is your total solution provider for fire and gas detection. Acquired by MSA Safety in 2010 to form the most comprehensive product offering of fixed gas and flame detection solutions anywhere.

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26776 Simpatica Circle , Lake Forest , 92630 California USA
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Health and Safety Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
Over 1000
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

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About General Monitors

General Monitors is recognized as a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of high tech gas monitoring and flame detection instrumentation.

By adhering to our corporate philosophies of integrity, faith in people and creative solutions, we have achieved a well-deserved reputation for providing quality products and services that protect lives and property. Emphasis placed on this goal has led to substantial investments in research, a continuing focus on technology and engineering excellence, and a personal dedication to quality at every level of our operation.

Placing these values above profit may seem unusual in today's business world. However, the fact is that high regard for business ethics has rewarded General Monitors with the leadership we enjoy today in the gas monitoring and flame detection fields.

General Monitors was formed in El Segundo, California in 1961 by four aerospace engineers dedicated to providing hydrogen gas monitoring safety equipment for the United States space exploration program. This concern for protecting life in the workplace evolved into a corporate commitment to provide gas and flame detection instrumentation throughout the world's energy related industries. Over the years, we have prospered and earned a worldwide reputation as a leader in high quality, innovative gas monitoring and flame detection products. Two corporate commitments have been instrumental in our success. First, a commitment to technical innovation and product excellence; and second, a commitment to our employees to provide an unequaled work environment in which they can perform their job and to offer them an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

It is widely recognized that our significant investment in research has raised the technical standards within our industry. Our engineering and product design departments work to develop leading edge designs to meet customer demands. New scientific knowledge and application techniques - developed within the company as well as in the larger scientific community - are continually reviewed and analyzed. This never-ending search for better ideas has helped us constantly up-date our product line over the years.

A commitment from all of our personnel is to ensure that every product leaving General Monitors has our high quality standards built into it. Thus, every instrument that comes off the manufacturing line receives 100% electrical, mechanical, physical inspection, and elevated temperature testing.

Currently, General Monitors' products are manufactured in the United States and Ireland. We also maintain a growing network of sales offices and manufacturer's representatives worldwide. Backing up this worldwide sales team is an after-sale service, repair, and spare parts system that collectively earns us the reputation as the leader in the gas monitoring and flame detection fields. To support our customers worldwide, we have offices in Houston, Texas; Macclesfield, England; Galway, Ireland; Ballerup, Denmark; Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates, in addition to our corporate office in Lake Forest, California.

Celebrating over 50 years in business, General Monitors stands committed to protect life and property with advanced technology, highly reliable detectors, and superior customer service.

Total Solution Provider

General Monitors is a global leader in process monitoring and safety in combustible, toxic and flammable environments. Whether you need single-point gas and flame detection or a large multi-point integrated safety monitoring system, you can depend on General Monitors. We provide a single-point of responsibility for total project management.


Technologies and Products

In today's world of complex processes, General Monitors integrates our sensing technologies with computers, control system equipment and network communications. The result is a highly efficient, safe and reliable detector product line, as well as complete monitoring systems, based on our leading-edge technologies:

  • Point and Open Path IR
  • Catalytic Bead
  • Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  • Electrochemical Cell
  • Ultrasonic
  • Photoacoustic Infrared
  • Optical Flame Detection


We design and produce six primary detector product lines:

  • Combustible Gas Detectors
  • H2S Gas Detectors
  • Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors
  • Toxic Gas Detectors
  • Flame Detectors
  • Fire and Gas Systems


Systems Integration

As a systems integrator, General Monitors designs and develops complete gas and flame monitoring systems to meet your unique plant safety needs. With our facilities located strategically worldwide, we're also your local resource with in-depth expertise in meeting country or region-specific requirements. The specialists within our Systems Group provide a full range of integration services:

  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • System Startup
  • Training
  • Computer-Aided Design / Modeling
  • Project Management, SAT and FAT
  • Purchasing
  • Installation Assistance
  • Approvals
  • Maintenance


In addition to our standard gas and flame detector product lines, we also provide system components:

  • Networking systems
  • Repeater / Mimic panels
  • Addressable PLC systems complete with HMI
  • Cabinets
  • Manual alarm stations
  • Smoke or heat detectors
  • Visual Display Unit (VDU)-based operator interface displays
  • Data transfer systems
  • Horns and beacons
  • Battery back-up
  • Sample draw systems
  • Control panels



To ensure safety, our engineers design products to rigorous global standards. Regional facilities allow us to design and build to country, regional or international standards. Our products are certified to standards that include:

  • FM
  • ATEX
  • CSA
  • IECEx
  • BV
  • UL
  • CE Marking
  • EN 54-10
  • ULC
  • NEC
  • VDS
  • SIL
  • GOST (Russia)
  • VNIIPO (Russia)



General Monitors' mission is to benefit society by providing solutions through industry leading products, services and systems that save lives and protect capital resources from the dangers of hazardous flames, gases and vapors.

Embracing Change and Encouraging Innovation

General Monitors' values are the foundation of our company culture. Our seven core values define who we are and what make us truly stand apart.


We are fully focused on our customers’ complete safety and satisfaction. We aim to keep our customers happy by listening closely to their needs, delivering high-quality products, and backing them with support services unmatched in the industry.


It is foundational value. Whether we’re testing equipment or advising a customer on how to manage a hazardous situation, we conduct selves with unwavering honesty, professionalism, and the highest levels of ethical behavior. Without integrity, nothing else matters at General Monitors.


Technology changes rapidly, and operating with speed and agility is crucial for any business. We anticipate and respond quickly to issues, opportunities, and our customers’ needs.


We recognize that advancements in safety and technology are most likely when people push their boundaries. So we encourage innovation and embrace change at every level of our organization. We reward creativity, we learn from our failures, and build on our successes


We recognize that advancements in safety and technology are most likely when people push their boundaries. So we encourage innovation and embrace change at every level of our organization. We reward creativity, we learn from our failures, and build on our successes.


As General Monitors grows, it’s crucial that our associates work collaboratively to help us reach our goals of innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction. This mindset allows us to share ideas, develop skills, operate efficiently, and continue to innovate. Above all, our culture of teamwork helps us exceed our customers’ expectations


We help our associates reach their fullest potential because it enhances company performance, drives motivation, and leads to employee fulfillment. We provide timely feedback, project ownership, and opportunities to grow.

Research and Development
Our research and engineering teams at our two design/manufacturing locations are actively developing new and superior methods of detecting hazardous gases, vapors and fires. Each new product undergoing development must pass extreme environmental testing. Products are developed to meet all requirements of the industry's standard approval agencies. Accuracy, reliability, robustness and ease of use are always uppermost in the design of our equipment. Our extensive internal resources include:

  • CAD / CAE
  • Environmental Test Chambers
  • Shock and Vibration Tester
  • Software Development Tools-Compilers, Emulators / Debuggers
  • FTIR and UV Spectrometers
  • Optical Design and Simulation Tools

Both of our engineering design centers, R&D and manufacturing facilities in Lake Forest, California, and Galway, Ireland, are ISO 9001:2008 certified. We are a World-Class Manufacturer utilizing Cellular Manufacturing Principals and Just In Time (JIT) purchasing.

To obtain the highest levels of detector performance, General Monitors manufactures our own catalytic bead, metal oxide, electrochemical, and infrared sensors. We invest heavily in state-of-the-art manufacturing and test equipment that includes:

  • Pick and Place Electronics Assembly
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  • Laser Welding
  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Computer-based Production Testing Systems
  • Automated Burn-in Monitoring Systems

Technical Support
Finding the right solution to a customer's gas and flame detection needs is the beginning of Total Customer Satisfaction. Reliability, on-time delivery, long life, value and service have always been the driving factors to our operations.

Our eTech Support Support is available to assist customers from start to finish. Whether you have questions about the best technology for your application, installation questions or operations and maintenance concerns, the eTech Support is ready to assist you. We also maintain an extensive set of tools online to assist you:

  • Electronic Product Data Library
  • FAQ Files
  • Troubleshooting Guides
  • Email Tech Support
  • Application Notes and Case Studies