Genius5-Instruments GmbH

Genius5-Instruments GmbH

Genius5-Instruments GmbH is specialist and producer of high quality sampling systems. Sampling systems needs to be designed to follow international standards. These systems and its software needs to be adapted, when standards are revised or new standards are released. Genius5 Instruments uses well equipped developement facilities for this job, which enable: individual design changes to follow standards, Testing of instruments for special applications, periodic user training.

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Anzengrubergasse 27f , Kottingbrunn , Baden 2542 Austria
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Air Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Genius5-Instruments GmbH is specialist for high quality isokinetic or velocity proportional sampling systems.

The products Genius5 AiO, Genius5 pc, Windselect, PmcTrace are produced and calibrated in Austria, using the new production factory in Kottingbrunn (Austria). Sorbent traps with spike from 200 ng up to 1000 ng Hg are produced,

The company is guided by the managing director Dipl. Ing. Dr. Gerhard Kahr. More than 20 years experience with production and design of sampling systems enables innovative solutions for the sampling of different pollutants and greenhouse gases.

The location of the company is situated south of Vienna, Austria, near to the hills of the Viennese forest, 30 minutes from the airport Vienna. It includes a seminar facility, where the instrument users are trained for the instruments use in correlation to the standards.

The philosophie of the company

  • selling high quality samplers
  • providing excellent training
  • providing quick after sales service


The Genius5 is a new generation of intuitive isokinetic sampling equipment, suitable to measure

  • Dust with EPA method 5 or EN 13284-1
  • Metals with method 29 or EN 14385
  • HCl with method  26a
  • PCDD/F with EN 1948 or EPA meth. 23
  • HCB, PCP with EN 1948

Genius5 controls isokinetic sampling, based on

  • Pitot tube reading
  • Ultrasonic sensor readings

and it controls and manages filter-, impinger- and adsorber temperature, to have best recoveryrate.

Isokinetic sampler is available in compact version, or it is available in split version.

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The Genius5 Windselect includes an interface, where an ultrasonic sensor is connected,  measuring speed and direction of wind.

Software enables the selection of Windsectors for sampling to different cartridges, dependent on Wind speed and/or wind direction. Sampling is done in range 1 - 4,2 m3/h (3 - 10m3/h).

By this concept the impact of sources in correlation to background levels can be evaluated. Different type of cartridges or impingers can be connected, e.g. to measure dust, PM10, PM2,5, PM1, metals and/or POP´s. After the measurement periode, the cartridges are sent to the laboratory together with the USB memory stick, where the cartridges are analysed for the fine dust.

Reporting tools enable the traceable documentation of the mesurement, showing in detail the wind speed and wind direction.

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Based on 20 years experience with the design of PCDD/F samplers, the Genius5 PCDD was developed.

Advantages of the Genius5 PCDD:

  • stable flange construction for traversing
  • compact system
  • 90% of I-TEQ in filter/adsorber cartridge
  • leak test with result in l/h
  • Isokinetic control - 0,6 to 2,4 m3/h
  • traversing information (2,4,8,12, .. points)
  • documentation every 5 minutes
  • unique report design in 6 languages

Simple interface sampling team/dioxin lab:

The dioxin lab prepares adsorbent and filter cartridge and sends it to the sampling team. After sampling the dioxin lab receives the cartridges together with the report on USB stick.


Since 2013 EU regulation 601/2012 is in force, which deals with the measurement of the CO2 emissions. Biogen CO2 is counted with zero (no tax), because it comes from renewable sources.

Usually the Biogen fraction is measured directly from the input fuel, needing lots of samples, if the fuel is heterogen.

To make analysis simple and more accurate, we sell the Genius5 pmctrace system, using the EN ISO 13833 standard,

It is installed on the stack for the whole year, extracting a small aliquot from the stack emissions.

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Normally the use of alternative fuels in the cement industry cause very low emissions of organic pollutants, like PCP or HCB. Due to high incineration temperature and long residence time in the kiln, the destruction efficiency is better than 99,99 %.

To demonstrate the complete destruction of PCP or HCB, if there is any doubt, the pmctrace can be equipped with a second cartridge, sucking a small aliquot of flue gas through adsorbent, proportional to the flue gas velocity.

Configuration example:

Cartridge 1 measures the biogen fraction

Cartridge 2 checks the destruction efficiency of volatile organics

Genius5-Instruments provides innovative solutions in sampling technique.


Windselect system is a mobile ambient air sampler for metals, dust (including PM>10µm, PM10, PM10-2.5, and PM2,5), POP´s (NMVOC, HCB, PCB,..), PAH, Nitro PAH, ..

The Windselect controller samples to different cartridges, dependent on the measured wind direction or wind speed.

New design of the reporting tool, enables traceable documentation of the measurement. For details of the new reporting design: