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  • Vertical Barriers/Slurry Wall Services

    Vertical Barriers/Slurry Wall Services

    Vertical Barriers or Slurry Walls (also known as Cutoff Walls or Slurry Trenches) offer a cost-effective solution to groundwater control problems. These barriers are constructed to intercept and impede the flow of fluids (groundwater, contaminants) underground and can be effective for site dewatering, underground pollution containment and seepage barriers under dams and levees. Constructed by excavating a narrow trench under an engineered fluid, the...

  • Bio-Polymer Trenches Services

    Bio-Polymer Trenches Services

    The Bio-Polymer trench (BP Trench) technique offers clients a more cost-effective and safer installation method for collecting groundwater, contaminants or underground gas. It is an established construction practice for installing deep collection trenches in difficult conditions when conventional open cut methods are not possible. BP Trenches/Drains are constructed using the slurry trench technique and a bio-degradable carbohydrate based slurry in...

  • Permeable Reactive Barriers Services

    Permeable Reactive Barriers Services

    Geo-Con is a leading installer of permeable reactive barrier walls (PRBs), a highly specialized type of slurry wall construction which is an economical alternative for applying chemical reagents to contaminated groundwater. PRB Walls are constructed as permeable barriers placed perpendicular to groundwater flow. They can be installed using the biopolymer slurry trenching (BP Trench) method, shallow soil mixing or conventional open-cut trenching. Our...

  • Soil Mixing Services

    Soil Mixing Services

    Geo-Con offers state-of-the-art techniques to remediate soil and wastes in-situ, including In-Situ Solidification/Stabilization (often referred to as ISS or S/S). Geo-Con utilizes two techniques of vertical auger mixing, Shallow Soil Mixing (SSM) and Deep Soil Mixing (DSM). Both SSM and DSM offer the advantage of cost savings through remediation in-place versus the high cost of offsite disposal.

  • Jet Grouting Services

    Jet Grouting Services

    Geo-Con provides a range of innovative grouting techniques that can be performed as a stand-alone solution or used in conjunction with soil mixing or vertical barrier technologies to address a variety of challenging subsurface conditions.

  • Constructed Wetlands Services

    Constructed Wetlands Services

    Geo-Con has performed wetlands construction for a variety of applications. We have experience building; mitigation banks for private sector clients, wetland cells for wastewater treatment, wildlife habitat construction, permit driven enhancements for power generating utilities, and design / build projects for public agencies. The following are some selected project descriptions where the scope of work was entirely wetlands in nature. Geo-Con has...

  • Site Remediation Services

    Site Remediation Services

    Geo-Con is a full service environmental contractor providing site remediation services for all types of environmental remediation. Since the early 1980's, Geo-Con has been a major provider of soil and groundwater remediation services. Having performed successfully on over 30 Superfund sites and numerous RCRA facilities, we possess the knowledge and experience to manage full-scale hazardous waste cleanups. Since multiple construction techniques are...

  • Dam Grouting Services

    Dam Grouting Services

    Grouting is a proven methodology for installing upgradient and downgradient barriers (grout curtains) in dam foundations and is employed where the rock formations in the dam foundation is pervious, such that the permeability of the rock formation would lead to later seepage problems. A grout curtain is used primarily as a means of limiting water flow through foundation materials beneath the dam embankment. Grout curtains are installed by the injection...

  • Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Sites Services

    Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Sites Services

    Prior to the development of natural gas pipeline distribution in the 1950's, most American towns obtained gas fuels manufactured locally. This 'manufactured gas' was produced by one of three processes; the capture of combustible gases generated by coal heating and distillation (coal carbonization or coal gas), spraying oil into water in a hot vessel to increase blue gas calories (carbonated water gas process), or by thermo-cracking oil in steam (oil...

  • Levee/Dam Reinforcement & Repair Services

    Levee/Dam Reinforcement & Repair Services

    Levees are man-made structures, usually an earthen embankment, designed and constructed to contain, control or divert the flow of water in order to provide protection from temporary flooding. A levee is built parallel to a body of water (most often a river) to protect the lives and properties behind it. There are currently thousands of miles of levees across the country providing some level of protection for millions of people. No levee provides full...