GeoInsight, Inc.

GeoInsight, Inc.

GeoInsight, Inc. is a strategic environmental consulting and geotechnical engineering firm providing services throughout New England. Our objective is to develop an understanding of the issues that are critical to our clients and to operate in a partnership to serve and protect their interests and assets. From our offices in NH, CT, and MA, we provide efficient, technically sound services in the areas of site investigations, remedial system design, implementation, operation/monitoring, due diligence, environmental and human risk characterization, environmental compliance/auditing, geotechnical engineering services, litigation support, and water supply services.

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186 Granite Street, Third Floor, Suite A , Manchester , New Hampshire 03101-2643 USA

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Engineering service provider
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Environmental - Environmental Management
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Nationally (across the country)
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We'll help you navigate the regulatory maze
At GeoInsight, we develop practical engineering solutions that achieve the goals of everyone involved, helping you easily navigate the regulatory maze. We know the practical science and engineering that makes a project succeed, and we do the digging to uncover the relevant facts. We give straight-forward answers, and we help you think through all your choices and make informed decisions.

It has been this kind of intimate approach along with the dedicated involvement of our team that really makes the difference for our clients. It also helps us develop solutions that just plain work. As engineers and scientists, we are driven to fix things, and as experienced, responsible professionals, we are driven to fix things the right way.

GeoInsight was founded in 1993 on a deeply-held set of core values that, to this day, guide our work with clients and the very structure of our company.

Continuous attention to the specific needs of our clients has fostered steady growth from an initial staff of three at a single location to its current level of over 60 staff in three locations in the northeastern United States.

The highly experienced staff possesses and continuously nurtures a wide range of professional qualifications including licensed professional engineers, geologists, wastewater treatment plant operators, site and environmental professionals, septic system designers, erosion and sedimentation control professionals, asbestos inspectors and planners, and ISO 14000 auditors.

And like you, we've also built a business. We understand the pressures that you can experience trying to grow your business while making payroll and managing your cash. That's why we provide personal, attentive service and always partner with you to provide solutions that work best for your situation.

At GeoInsight, our company values guide our every action and are the foundation of the successes that we achieve for our clients. They're not ground-breaking, just clearly understood and consistently applied. Simply said, at GeoInsight we put service before self-interest, and we always serve the interests of our clients first. The heart of our core values is stewardship founded on integrity, respect, and partnership.

We treat our clients' needs and resources as if they were our own, standing in their shoes, seeing things through their eyes, and devising solutions that work in their worlds. It means a compulsion to help however we can thoughtfully, quickly, and efficiently, doing what it takes to get it done.

We are always up-front and honest. We believe that you hire us to tell you what you must hear, not what you might like to hear. And it means doing what we say we'll do.

We seek first to understand and then to be understood. We'll ask lots of questions to be sure that we fully grasp how you see things. Clarity of understanding avoids miscommunication and expensive delays.

We foster a culture of collaboration and respect for the power of collective thinking. We will fully engage you in the process of devising solutions that meet your needs.