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  • Noise Monitoring (Sound Level Monitors)

  • Model NMrt - Sound-Level Meter

    Model NMrt - Sound-Level Meter

    The NoiseMapper-RT (Remote Terminal) equipment is a standalone operating remote terminal (sound-level meter), appropriate for both outdoor and indoor installation, designed by GEONICA for continuously measuring ambient noise.Each terminal is made up by a professional high  quality microphone connected to an advanced acoustic signal processing unit, completed with an electronic measurement and processed-data...

  • Model NMS - Environmental Noise Monitoring System

    Model NMS - Environmental Noise Monitoring System

    The environmental Noise Monitoring System ( NMS ) is a versatile network solution for continuous permanent or semi-permanent monitoring of environmental noise from airports, industries, roads, etc. and in high noise sites ( hot spot points ) , or in very quiet areas where noise may be a major concern.