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  • Time Domain Systems

    The modular design of the PROTEM Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) Systems – a single receiver with multiple, interchangeable transmitters and receiver coils – provides the flexibility required to accommodate a broad range of applications, from near-surface environmental and engineering studies, to three-component resource exploration at depths of 1000 m or more.

  • Geonics - Model PROTEM - Time Domain Systems

    Geonics - Model PROTEM - Time Domain Systems

    Within the exploration community there is a well known trade-off between depth of exploration and target definition in terms of conductivity, extent and orientation. Greatest depth is obtained with large fixed loop Turam-type systems which generate large half-space responses that, along with current gathering, makes target detection difficult. Better spatial resolution is obtained with a moving transmitter configuration with a short intercoil...

  • Geonics - Model TEM47 - Three Interchangeable Transmitters

    Geonics - Model TEM47 - Three Interchangeable Transmitters

    Three interchangeable transmitters - TEM47, TEM57-MK2 and TEM67 - are used with the PROTEM receiver and an appropriate receiver coil to make up different PROTEM systems for various applications such as mineral exploration, structural mapping, resistivity sounding and contaminant plume mapping.

  • Geonics - Model TEM57-MK2 - Transmitter

    Geonics - Model TEM57-MK2 - Transmitter

    The TEM57-MK2 Transmitter is the upgraded version of the TEM57, and combined with the PROTEM receiver are the principal components of the PROTEM 57-MK2 system. The design and performance of the TEM57-MK2, with increased power of 1,500 W from an internal power supply, makes it a highly portable, powerful mid-range time domain transmitter. The internal power supply has variable voltage range from 18 to 60 V so that it can be precisely matched to the...

  • Geonics - Model TEM67 - Transmitter

    Geonics - Model TEM67 - Transmitter

    The TEM67 transmitter is the most powerful of the current PROTEM transmitters, replacing the TEM37 of the previous generation. Not only is the TEM67 (3800 W) more powerful than the TEM37 (2800 W), but the new transmitter also provides an element of flexibility not previously available with time domain transmitters.

  • Geonics PROTEM - Model CM - Time Domain Systems

    Geonics PROTEM - Model CM - Time Domain Systems

    By consolidating the PROTEM receiver and TEM47 transmitter components into a single console, the PROTEM CM system offers significant improvements in portability and convenience: As compared to the individual receiver and transmitter components, the PROTEM CM is both smaller in size, and less in weight by about half. The increase in component portability will be of particular benefit for surveys in more demanding environments, both in-mine and...

  • Geonics - Model G-TEM - Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) Instrumentation

    Geonics - Model G-TEM - Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) Instrumentation

    With the objective to reduce cost while both maintaining the core performance characteristics of the more advanced PROTEM systems and adding several new performance-enhancing features, the new G-TEM system represents exceptional value in time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) instrumentation for both academic and commercial applications alike.

  • Geonics - Geological Survey Induction Coils

    Geonics - Geological Survey Induction Coils

    Six induction coils are available, each most appropriate for certain depths and applications. For shallow resistivity soundings, the high bandwidth of the high frequency coils is needed for the rapidly changing early-time signal. Comparatively, for deeper soundings, or for measuring late-time signal from conductive ore bodies, the larger effective area of the low frequency coils amplifies the very low amplitude late-time signals to measureable...