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Recognized for superior quality and product innovation for nearly 50 years, Harvel Plastics (now Georg Fischer Harvel LLC) has been the industry`s leading manufacturer of PVC and CPVC piping systems, thermoplastic duct systems, and machining stock extrusions.Backed by an unwavering dedication to innovation and unrivaled technical expertise, GF Harvel provides solutions for industrial piping systems including process piping, dual containment, acid waste, and high-purity. Engineers and contractors also rely on GF Harvel`s innovative plumbing systems for residential, commercial, and high-rise construction. For hot- and cold-water plumbing applications as well as fire sprinkler piping systems, GF Harvel offers the leading cost-effective alternative to traditional copper piping.GF Harvel also produces a full range of specialty piping systems for emerging technologies including renewable energy and biotech development.

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300 Kuebler Rd , Easton , PA 18040 USA

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Harvel Plastics (now Georg Fischer Harvel LLC) built its original manufacturing plant in Easton, Pennsylvania in 1966; it has since expanded to a quarter of a million square feet. GF Harvel’s plant, warehouse, and distribution center in Bakersfield, California—serving the U.S. West and Pacific Rim—and warehouse/distribution center in Coppell, Texas, affirm the company’s stature as a worldwide leader. Wherever produced, GF Harvel pipe and extrusions embody the highest quality standards, reinforcing GF Harvel’s position as producer of “The Quality Line.”

Innovative Technology
Essential to GF Harvel’s technological advantage are superbly equipped laboratories at each of its manufacturing facilities. These innovative facilities stand at the forefront of product development; they also employ vigilant testing standards. This means constant checking and rechecking of the materials that go into GF Harvel products. It also means a range of product tests—tough trials that prove excellence beyond a doubt.

Highest Quality Standards
From its inception more than 45 years ago, GF Harvel’s comprehensive quality program has been based on Total Quality Management (TQM) and Statistical Process Control (SPC). GF Harvel was the first in its industry to achieve ISO 9000 series quality certification and the first in the U.S. with Canadian standards approval.

In a world of constant technological change, outstanding PVC and CPVC pipe extrusions can only be produced by a company with unique skills. Technical mastery, persistent dedication, and testing without compromise—these are the elements that make GF Harvel an international leader in thermoplastic extrusions.

Over the years, GF Harvel has also introduced a number of well-received products:

  • EnviroKing® UV-resistant clear piping for commercial photobioreactors and green energy applications
  • HydroKing® and FlowGuard Gold® hot and cold water plumbing pipe featuring industry-leading test results for impact strength and durability
  • GF Harvel LXT® ultra-pure water piping systems
  • FlameTech™ low flame and smoke translucent containment piping
  • GF Harvel Clear™ PVC pipe for semiconductor, sight-glass, and dual-containment applications
  • GF Harvel BlazeMaster® Fire Sprinkler Pipe for residential and commercial systems
  • PVC and CPVC Machining Shapes extruded in a wide variety of sizes and shapes
  • PVC and CPVC duct for corrosive fume handling applications
  • CPVC industrial pressure pipe through 24 inches (Schedules 40 and 80)

Commitment to Customer Service
Just as important is a practice founded with the company—an unconditional commitment to customer service. GF Harvel’s technical engineering team relies on unparalleled staff experience and intensive field training, and its sales support staff responds promptly, professionally, and correctly to customer requests.

Innovation, combined with experience and concern for the customer, make GF Harvel the worldwide leader it is today.

Pushing our standards of quality has been a trademark at GF Harvel since our inception.

Highly sophisticated on-site testing laboratories feature industry-leading technology and equipment developed to specifications engineered exclusively at GF Harvel. In fact, the industry’s most current understanding of quality is defined at GF Harvel.

GF Harvel’s comprehensive quality standards program has always been based on the continuous improvement tools of Total Quality Management (TQM) and Statistical Process Control (SPC). In fact, GF Harvel was the first in our industry to achieve ISO 9000 series quality certification.